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Kelsie McGinn

Home ‎(Kelsie McGinn 422)‎ - 0 views

    This website was designed to display the projects that I have completed in Education 422.
Shaina Harris

Home ‎(educationandtechnologysite)‎ - 1 views

    My google site. Collection of my work in EDUC 422.
hilda barga

Home ‎(barga0021)‎ - 0 views

    my Google website
Sarah Pluzdrak

Home ‎(Sarah Pluzdrak)‎ - 0 views

    My google site that contains all of the resources and activities that I have done within EDUC 422 class.
April Paustian

Home ‎(A. Paustian's Teaching Site)‎ - 0 views

    This is a website that I created that contains all of my work from the EDUC 422 class, from my newsletter to my iMovie, as well as various web resources.
Karen Morizi

Home ‎(Karen Morizi)‎ - 0 views

    My own personal website!!! :)
Christy Curtis

Home ‎(educationtechproject)‎ - 0 views

    This website contains some examples of my work concerning education and technology. It also includes website reviews and resources.
Dennis OConnor

Biography ‎(margaritahernandezeduc422)‎ - 2 views

    • Margarita Hernandez
      This site is a compilation of the work I have completed in Educ 422.
    • Dennis OConnor
      You did a fine job Margarita. Very clean navigation, easy on the eyes font size, everything works! Way to go! Mr. OC
    This site is a compilation of work I have done in education 422.
    This site is a compilation of work I have done in education 422.
Kristen Bennett

Home ‎(Kristen Bennetts)‎ - 0 views

    All my EDUC422 work
Yadira Lopez

Home (Yadira Lopez) - 0 views

    This is my google sites webpage it includes information about me and work done in EDUC 422.
Miguel Trejo

Home ‎(mtrejosite)‎ - 0 views

    This is my webpage where I demonstrate my best work, blogs, shared bookmarks, and I mention some of the best web pages that have helped me not only find information for my work, but where others can as well.
John Foulks

Home ‎(Mr. John's Portfolio)‎ - 0 views

    This is a portfolio of educational works that began with my Education 422 class
Michael Poteet

Poteet's Ed 422 site - 0 views

    All my work in Educ 422 plus some links.
Jennifer Gardner

Home ‎(Jennifer Gardner)‎ - 1 views

    This is my google website with all of my information from the Educ 422 class.
Kelcie King-York

Home ‎(Kelcie's EDUC 422)‎ - 0 views

    This is my webpage created on Google Sites. It showcases some of the work I've completed during EDUC 422 including but not limited to, the newsletter, the business introduction letter, and my iMovie production.
Amanda Brandlin

Home ‎(Amanda Brandlin)‎ - 0 views

    This is the Google site I created to showcase some of the things I have done in Educ 422.
jennifer short

Home ‎(Jenny's Edu 422 Site)‎ - 0 views

    the home page to my website
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