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Trent Adams

Share Share Share Share Share | - 5 views

  • One of the things people will get wrong when trying to determine how to make a more human-shaped web for their company is sharing. Sharing is something that was left out of the business books for the last forty or fifty years. Your company isn’t set up to share. It’s not in the genetics, and as such, the people responsible for figuring out how to collaborate and do something in this whole new web are going to run into a problem quickly.
Trent Adams

OpenID » Blog Archive » OpenID Content Provider Advisory Committee Kickoff Me... - 3 views

  • A couple of weeks ago the BBC hosted twenty-six people from seventeen organizations including eight OpenID Providers and eight OpenID Relying Parties (sites which accept OpenID logins) in New York City to kick off an OpenID Content Provider Advisory Committee.
Trent Adams

Libby » Blog Archive » Foaf Slurper - 0 views

Christian Scholz

CCC Events Weblog » Blog Archive » 25C3: Nothing to hide - 0 views

Christian Scholz

MySpace ID vs Facebook Connect: A Battle for Demographics - 0 views

  • it’s not so much that MySpace is losing users in droves as it is that Facebook might be gaining completely new ones
  • much of the split is along the demographic lines you’d expect: Facebook partners include brands targeting more tech savvy and affluent demographics: CBS, CNET, Digg, and Hulu, to name a few, while MySpace touts more mainstream partners such as AOL, Yahoo, and eBay.
Christian Scholz

UMA 1.0 Core Protocol - WG - User Managed Access - Kantara Initiative - 7 views

    • Christian Scholz
      explain URLs more what they mean. Isn't there some access token URL for Host and the Requester? And an authorization URL?
    • Rida Butt
      Check out this link very informative and interesting, i have found on web
    • Christian Scholz
      In case this is OAuth 2.0 there needs to be a client id with which the client can be identified by the AM and in the end to the user. In OAuth this needs to be registered before. How to do this dynamically?
    • Christian Scholz
      I think REST is not always working as not everything IMHO fits the REST model. At least not the 4 verbs. POST might mean many things. 
  • ...3 more annotations...
    • Christian Scholz
      How do you define if e.g. the AM should directly ask the user? Is this defined in the AM-Host-intro step? It should then maybe say so. Then: How does the AM actually know how to name the Host? You need to ask the user "Requester XXXX wants to get access to YYYY, do you agree?". XXXX and YYYY need to be known and maybe more information about it like some info URL etc.
    • Christian Scholz
      Even if OAuth defines the flows maybe an example flow should be written out in terms of HTTP requests and responses. Esp. for how claims are supposed to work, how the AM finally informs the requester that all claims are fulfilled etc.
    • Christian Scholz
      Some more information on what is posted is needed here.
Trent Adams

*Must Read* report on Social Software - 11 views

  • The report talks about the different types of software available in the market and key suppliers. Some of which are blog, social bookmarking, open-source social software etc sound are familiar. Although it also touches on software like social mining / intelligence,  HCM (Human Capital Management) social software and others which are relatively new.
  • It is almost impossible to predict which social software will get maximum hype going forward. I predict with the launch of OpenSocial and Facebook Connect - Social Data Portability will be the future of several social networks, followed by Social Mining (i.e. application of analytics to social content).
Christian Scholz

Live Blogging the OpenID Design Summit « The Real McCrea - 7 views

  • What is the relationship between the RP and the OP. Problem: we want to message “Hey, these two sites are going to be tied togethr somehow.”
  • keep the first screen really simple; delay deeper stuff (like extended permissions) to later flows, in context
  • “When ‘open’ was in the term, people had security concerns,” says Max
  • ...9 more annotations...
  • When we gave hint URLs, people tried putting those in, instead of their own
  • Brian is showing what people have been typing into OpenID sign-in boxes
  • Brand selectors are good at letting users express preference, but at the time of choice, user has no idea which OpenID experience will be better
  • Of those that return, 8% choose “no” to the Google account signup option/consent. 92% say yes and automated address book import. Joseph says, they get higher conversion rates, higher import rates, more connections per user, and no drop-off in return visits.
  • Has Google experimented with granular permissions, vs. having all the items consented to at once
  • People cursed at us when we did it one by one. They want it in a single step.” Wow. Important insight
  • hybrid OpenID/OAuth plus Google Contacts
  • Once you add a button to your interface, you can never remove it.
  • Agreement on popup as the way two go
Trent Adams

Open Health Tools - 8 views

  • Open Health Tools is an open source community with a vision of enabling a ubiquitous ecosystem where members of the Health and IT professions can collaborate to build interoperable systems that enable patients and their care providers to have access to vital and reliable medical information at the time and place it is needed.  Open Health Tools will generate a vibrant active ecosystem involving software product and service companies, medical equipment companies, health care providers, insurance companies, government health service agencies, and standards organizations.
Trent Adams

Action For Better Healthcare | Choosing a healthcare provider through Facebook - 1 views

  • The Web site recognizes the importance of shared experiences and information and allows for those with a particular condition to interact with each other, again validating the findings of the HSC study.
  • Last week, the FDA announced that it will team with WebMD to provide consumer health information. Health insurer UnitedHealth launched its site, akin to Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault, aimed at consumers seeking and managing healthcare information online.
Christian Scholz

BIS 2009 - CFP: 3rd Workshop on Social Aspects of the Web (SAW 2009) - 0 views

  • The change also raises a strong need for theoretical, empirical and applied studies related to how people may interact on the Web, how they actually do so, and what new possibilities and challenges are emerging in the social, business and technology dimensions.
Christian Scholz

Yahoo! Query Language - YDN - 1 views

  • The YQL platform provides a single endpoint service that enables developers to query, filter and combine data across Yahoo! and beyond. YQL exposes a SQL-like SELECT syntax that that is both familiar to developers and expressive enough for getting the right data
    "The YQL platform provides a single endpoint service that enables developers to query, filter and combine data across Yahoo! and beyond. YQL exposes a SQL-like SELECT syntax that that is both familiar to developers and expressive enough for getting the right data"
Trent Adams

Connect-ing social networks to the rest of web: Who owns those data? : Social Media Mafia - 1 views

  • As the web grows exponentially in scale and complexity, an issue that becomes increasingly pressing is data ownership. There has been a lot of noise lately about how Facebook Connect, Google Friend Connect, and even MySpace’s Data Availability.
  • The Data Portability Project is trying very, very hard to solve these serious issues. They’re seeking to unite the socio-rhetorico-legal precedent with the growing list of open technologies and specifications (OpenID, OAuth, RSS, OPML, MicroFormats, Creative Commons, to name a few) and make sure that these proprietary bits, bytes, friends, enemies, birthdays, activies, pictures, videos, lifestyles, etc. are made open to the content creators (read: YOU, not Mark Zuckerberg).
Christian Scholz

A European Perspective on "FB Connect vs. OpenID" - 2 views

  • For website owners it only makes sense to support any kind of ” [Facebook/ Google/ Open] Connect” solution, if the majority of their user-base also maintains their social graph at one of those “Social Graph/Identity” providers. Speaking for Germany: that is neither for Facebooks Connect nor Googles Friend Connect (also with the Plaxo combo) the case yet!
  • We build a solution upon the OpenStack, because than it will work with much more websites, who support the OpenStack as well as a consumer
  • If you look at the rest of the world - outside of “Facebook-Land” - you also realize and understand much better, why it is so important to find an holistic solution approach - build on open standards - to solve the issue FB Connect addresses: we live in a very diversified world and if everybody comes up with a proprietary solution, it will be just a big mess in the end.
Christian Scholz

Technology Review: Are Social Networks Sinking? - 1 views

  • However, the overall value of these companies is still largely based on growth potential, which now seems shaky. Microsoft's investment in Facebook valued the company at a massive $15 billion. But in November, Twitter refused to be bought by Facebook for a reported $500 million of its stocks plus some cash.
  • Chris Alden, chairman and CEO of Six Apart, says that there simply isn't enough capital in the current market to sustain so many social-networking companies. "You'll see more consolidation in the next year or two," he predicts.
  • In October, the third most popular social-networking site, Hi5, announced that it would cut between 10 and 15 percent of its staff. And in November, the business-focused networking sites LinkedIn and Jive said that they would slash their workforces by 10 and 40 percent, respectively.
Trent Adams

Liberty webcast on ArisID : Robin Wilton's esoterica - 1 views

  • This is a really practical step towards simple but effective management of identity data and the associated relationships in which it is exchanged; if you're interested not just in where web-based identity management is heading, but how to get there, this is definitely a webcast to catch.
Trent Adams

Open Source Enterprise-Grade ArisID Focus of December 11 Webcast: Finan... - 1 views

  •, the global open source community working to provide developers with resources and support for building interoperable identity-enabled services for enterprises and people, today announced the webcast Leveraging the Open Source ArisID to Build Declarative Identity-Enabled Enterprise Applications taking place at 8:00am US PT (5:00PM CET) on Thursday, December 11. The public event will provide developers with an overview of the multi-protocol ArisID API, the first open source software implementing Liberty Identity Governance Framework (IGF) components.
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