. And each student learns in different modalities throughout the day: individually with computer software, with groups, with a virtual tutor, with a live tutor, and so on.

“There are so many ways that kids can learn,” Rush said. “It could be the best way is with a teacher, but that’s not the only way. There have to be choices.”

Based in three public schools in New York, the School of One system is ripe for scaling — but only when the algorithm is as smart as it could possibly be, Rush says.

“We have to build in time to try new things,” he said. “Some will work and some won’t, and that’s okay.”

When it comes to creating a models of schools for the future, this could very well be it. It combines much of what forward-thinking education reformers say is key: individualized learning, the best of technology, and a flexible learning system that adapts to what students learn day by day.

Check out the video to see more of how it works.