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Teaching Coding to Middle and High School - 14 views

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  • Georgina Salas
    As I was watching this video I remembered that when I was in junior high, middle school, I took a computer class that had to do with coding. I wasn't very good at it because I did not have time to learn the in's and out's of the program. I believe if I had a good teacher for this class I would have loved the program and would have gone in a different direction with my career. I agree that coding should be taught in middle school and high school. Maybe the basics should be brought down to the elementary level. You know what we all say, "kids are sponges that absorb anything that is taught to them." I want to take a class that would show me the correct way to use coding. That would be fun and interesting.

Teaching 2.0: Is Tech In The Classroom Worth The Cost? : NPR - 2 views

  • This type of teaching is a novel approach, but it can be an expensive one. That has some asking whether the billions being spent on educational technology is worth the cost
  • "We teleconferenced with [author] Dave Barry, which was a lot of fun," Mascia says. Senior Jayla Briscoe was there when the comedian and author Skyped in to talk to kids. Briscoe acknowledges she didn't know who Barry was at the time. "I didn't really know much about him at all," Briscoe says, "[but] he actually got me more interested in writing."
  • The digital divide between school districts with greater access to funds, and those with less, is still a major issue. Purcell, of Pew Research, points out that low-income schools are lagging behind.
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  • Teachers who were teaching the lowest-income students were more likely to tell us that they do not receive formal training in the use of digital tools in the classroom," she says. "They also express less satisfaction with the support and resources provided by schools. "And they're three times as likely to say their school is behind the curve when it comes to using the newest digital tools."
    • Georgina Salas
      Please listen to this story on how one school uses a Web 2.0 tool in thier school. Tell me your thoughts on what you heard.
    • Georgina Salas
      Refer to the second highlighted section of the article to answer the question. Doesn't this prove that Web 2.0 tools work in the classroom.The tool used here was successful in allowing a student to become more interested in a particular subject which was writing. What are your thoughts on this statement?
    • Georgina Salas
      This refers to the third highlighted section of the article. Do you believe this about the schools that have more funds than the schools that are considered low income? Do we see this here in the valley?
    • Georgina Salas
      Please refer back to article and view the last highlighted section and answer the question. What are your thoughts about this comment? Makes you think about what types of trainings we all get.

Digital Footprints and Digital Dossier - 25 views

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