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Ays Ros

mobile learning tools - 2 views

started by Ays Ros on 19 Apr 16 no follow-up yet

Social Media in Education - 3 views

It is time to look at how some of our outdated teaching practices can be changed to help students learn more effectively & efficiently. Social Media can help us engage digital natives and revol...

started by haticeyagci on 29 Mar 16 no follow-up yet

Students Like Social Media - 2 views

In this infographic some of the advantages and disadvantages of using social media in education can be seen.

technology social networking education

started by sehercevikbas on 28 Mar 16 no follow-up yet
Ahmet Sami Konca

Three Projects - 1 views

UNIVMOBILE: The project meets students, professors and administrators. It provides easy way to communicate between teacher and university students. It is also very beneficial for research assistant...

Early Childhood Education Students Research Assitants Knock The Door

started by Ahmet Sami Konca on 12 Apr 15 no follow-up yet
melike ozudogru

The Importance of Considering Your Online Community - 1 views

People have limited patience and little time for things that don't seem relevant or interesting to them. Online visitors especially are looking for something specific when they come online, and if ...

http:__performancein.com_news_2015_03_30_importance-considering-your-online-community_ technology integration

started by melike ozudogru on 30 Mar 15 no follow-up yet
melike ozudogru

Flipped Classroom Model - 2 views

The content of this video explains flipped classroom and its difference from traditional classrooms.

started by melike ozudogru on 15 Mar 15 no follow-up yet
melike ozudogru

Envisioning the future of education technology - 3 views

Classroom, Studyo, virtual...


started by melike ozudogru on 01 Mar 15 no follow-up yet

Bye Bye Textbooks ! - 2 views

It is really interesting that 91% of the students admitted that they failed to complete the readings before the class, and %46 of them stated they would complete it if it was in the digital format....

technology education infographic

started by cemilealkur35 on 01 Mar 15 no follow-up yet

an article related to FATIH project - 3 views

technology education

started by Sule ALICI on 05 May 14 no follow-up yet
Özge Aydın

Mobile in Salford (UK) - 3 views

As a part of MoLeNET project, I secondly selected that one. This project makes learning management systems available in mobile devices so that anyone can reach them easily regardless of time and pl...

started by Özge Aydın on 29 Apr 14 no follow-up yet

"Technology in Education: A Future Classroom" - 2 views

In future we may have classrooms as in this video. However, when we look at people's behaviours, it seems it's hard to adapt using technological devices like them. Even today, there are a lot of pe...

technology education TPACK classroom integration

started by ysfmrtzdmr on 18 Mar 14 no follow-up yet
Ceren Ocak liked it

"POSSUM MAGIC" - 5 views

An example of utilizing elements of TPACK with primary school students. The project could be inspired in our schools, maybe, (I hope) :)

started by nursel on 18 Mar 14 no follow-up yet

Too Cool for School? - 6 views

An enjoyable paper to introduce TPACK.

TPACK teaching classroom teachers

started by nursel on 10 Mar 14 no follow-up yet
Sule ALICI liked it
Özge Aydın

My Comments on Punya Mishra and Matt Koehler's SITE Keynote - 2 views

After watching the video and reading the related articles about TPACK, I tried to find a common direction between TPACK issue and my own field, English language teaching. The first thing that came ...

started by Özge Aydın on 11 Mar 14 no follow-up yet
Fatih İlhan

Google Glass in Education - 4 views Here are some ideas for the use of Google Glass in Education. Though most of these ideas could be realized w...

technology education infographic GoogleGlass

started by Fatih İlhan on 04 Mar 14 no follow-up yet
Merve Başdoğan

The book is not dead =) Physical book or e-books ? - 5 views

As you all know, e-books offer great advantages in terms of weight, portability, accessibility etc. But books still hold a lot of charm and the following infograph shows the sales ratio of e-books...

technology education

started by Merve Başdoğan on 03 Mar 14 no follow-up yet

Ways students can use ICT to create - 2 views

technology education infographic

started by Sule ALICI on 01 Mar 14 no follow-up yet

Infographic about technology and education - 10 views

This infographic is about blended learning and teaching profession. It tells us the teaching profession transition and 10 benefits of blended learning for teachers. In blended learning environments...

technology education teachers teaching

started by anonymous on 27 Feb 14 no follow-up yet
nursel,%20Digital%20Immigra... - 5 views

Maybe, this is the key point to use technology "to be digital natives or to be digital immigrants"

technology education

started by nursel on 24 Feb 14 no follow-up yet
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