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Ahmet Sami Konca

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Early Childhood Education Students Research Assitants Knock The Door

started by Ahmet Sami Konca on 12 Apr 15
  • Ahmet Sami Konca
    UNIVMOBILE: The project meets students, professors and administrators. It provides easy way to communicate between teacher and university students. It is also very beneficial for research assistants, especially for me . Thanks to the project, no one knock the door for course schedules, exam dates and ask questions about the instructors.
    MOBILSKOLE: In early childhood education, teachers send some notes to parents about child's daily activities and development. By the project, kindergarten teachers can send SMS which include children's activites and reports of development, or other information to parents. Also, MMS would be good to share photos of activities or other information to parents.
    DISTANCE LEARNING FOR APPRENTICES: In early childhood education, sometimes there is an update on curricula or other procedures. Second way of the project can be used to "train-the-teacher" about arrangaments or other news.

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