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Rhondda Powling

Unused Words - Discover a new word every day - 3 views

    Although it is called 'Unused words', many of the words are still in use.
    The site also gives some interesting information about the history and origin of the words as well.
John Pearce

Duolingo | Learn English, Spanish and German for free - 6 views

    Our goal with Duolingo is to provide the absolute best language learning service out there (and also make it 100% free!). In this post I want to talk about something that we believe is fundamental towards this goal: students must be able to read and write complete sentences and be given immediate detailed feedback about their answers.
    When we started working on Duolingo we noticed that most language learning methods outside of the classroom didn't do this. Some never provide you with any feedback (think of books or the audio tapes from the 1980s), while other more "interactive" ones only provide you with feedback on single words or multiple choice questions. As any educator will tell you, having students read and write complete sentences by themselves, and then get detailed feedback, is significantly better for learning.
Rhondda Powling - Visualize words! - 12 views

    An interesting site that provides webs of related words. To use type any word into Graph Words to see a web of alternative word choices. Click on any word in the web to generate a new web of more related words.
Kathleen Morris

Amazing Posts: 50 Things Everyone Should Know - 16 views

    A fun post with trivia for students (or teachers).
Ashley Proud

Word Girl: Synonym Toast | Scholastic - 0 views

    A great game to use to teach synonyms. It is lots of fun
Roland Gesthuizen

BBC comedians have fun with tech talk - 4 views

    "Comedians Harry Enfield and Ronnie Corbett elevated the play on words to a sublime level with this skit, reminiscent the famous "Fork Handles" bit. A befuddled shopper turns to his grocer for help with his Blackberry and Apple."
    Just the thing to laugh at over the school break. :-)
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