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Andrea Grinton

Online Employee Training Platform - 0 views

    Technology offers a new range of essential tools that need to be used to their full potential in the business sector. Many organizations have improved their employee training programs through the application of eLearning.
Roland Gesthuizen

Not every blog has its day - 2 views

  • Companies that have gleaned the most from the technology have managed it actively through training, monitoring user behaviour and constant adjustment
  • it's important to go where users want to go
  • Collaboration tools also need sponsors - people entrusted with advancing their cause.
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  • If you don't put tribe leaders in place, the community will fall away," he says, adding that the tool needs to be relevant to individual users.
  • the time has come for companies to stop locking down computers and observe which social technologies are preferred and engaged by employees. "We need to focus on the human being part of the equation,"
  • Today's collaboration tools need to be intuitive, work in short bursts and have a robust databank that is easy to search,
    "Still trying to get your employees to embrace the company wiki and other recent collaboration tools? Sorry, the world has moved on. Four years since the birth of "Enterprise 2.0", many wikis have been abandoned, as companies find it takes more to enthuse staff to share than just building a platform and expecting them to come."
    Intesting refection about enterprise applications of web2.0 tools that could be applied to the Ultranet.
Andrea Grinton

LMS eLearning Make Education Enjoyable - 0 views

    Quickclass eLearning platforms help you engage students and make classroom learning fun. The eLearning industry is climibing the ranks one of the highest-grossing global industries.
Andrea Grinton

Is investing in an LMS the right move for your organization? - 0 views

    Before weighing up whether a LMS is necessary for your organization it is worth looking at the benefits of eLearning and using a LMS.
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