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Diane Bales

Technorati - 2 views

    Tool that can be used to search blogs for current content
Diane Bales

DoodleBuzz: Typographic News Explorer - 3 views

    Tool that provides a visual depiction of news stories.
Cate Heroman

Imagination Cubed - 5 views

    Great open-ended collaborative drawing tool.
Rachel Arredondo

Collaborative writing software online with Writeboard. Write, share, revise, compare. - 6 views

    Only useful if someone contacts you to edit a document, or if you upload a document and contact them. More person to person, then person to internet community.
    Writeboard is a collaborative document creation tool that can be used between a number of people. This tool quick for anyone to start up. On the homepage you can create your document to be edited by naming the document, then provide your email address. Once the wrtieboard is created you can begin typing! Once the document is complete you can invite people to view and edit your document as well as leave comments. Once the document has been edited by another person, you will be able to compare your document with the newest edited document.
    One of the challenges I faced when using this tool is the format of the document when typing. In order to indent or make a word bold or italic, a special code needed to be entered. For example, to make the word "Introduction" bold, you would have to type *Introduction*. This actually slowed my typing down, but I feel if this is a tool that you use often, these are codes you could catch on to. The strength of this tool is the option to invite anyone to edit. I feel that this would be useful for teachers to communicate back and forth to share activities and edit them. Or it could be useful as an assignment for students to share a paper and to edit the others. This would help their editing skills. I also like the option to compare and contrast your original document with one that has been recently edited. I think this would be helpful in seeing what improvments were made and choose whether or not you'd like to accept them.
    I think that this tool would be better for high-school students, or any teacher. The tool would be difficult for anyone younger to use.
Diane Bales - 2 views

    Free web application for brainstorming online
Diane Bales

Wordle - 0 views

    create word clouds
    Students could make word clouds to illustrated new vocabulary words or in preschool students could add words they have learned and make a poster.
Diane Bales

Webspiration: Online Visual Thinking Tool | - 4 views

    Free visual mapping program
Shelby Jackson

Glogster - 2 views Glogster is a site in which you are allowed to create a blog-type page to share with others. This technology allows creators to post videos, graphics/pictures, text, a...

web2.0 techeducators techchildren

started by Shelby Jackson on 05 Nov 09 no follow-up yet
Anna Berrier

Yonkly - 1 views

    Yonkly is a resource very similar to Twitter. To quote from its website it "allows you to create a white-label microblog community that is fully customizable". This resource would allow someone to keep up with the user of Yonkly. It's extremely easy to navigate, and while complicated when you read into all the technical aspects of it (like I did), it really is a good alternative tool for social networking.
Brooke Newton

Other Web 2.0 tools - TeacherTube - 8 views

I really like this website too. I think that videos are a great way to demonstrate different topics in a memorable way. I have always found videos to be useful to help me to understand different co...

techchildren techeducators techhome teachinglearningonline web2.0

Sarah Steele Banks

OfficeZilla - 3 views

I think that this website would be very useful for teachers to use as a means of keeping their student's parents informed about the layout of the calendar, as well as keep them posted on what assig...

communication web2.0 techeducators

started by Sarah Steele Banks on 03 Nov 09 no follow-up yet
Macy Stewart

TweetDeck - 1 views

    This is a tool that allows users to manage their twitter accounts and tweets from other users on one program on their personal computer. This tool can be combined with other social networking sites. Teachers could use tweet deck to send out tweets and information to their students or parents of their students about what is going on in their classroom
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