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Damita Majette - 0 views

    Damita Majette's Subscription
Patti Kucek

cooltoolsforschools - File Storage - 0 views

    Free file hosting, free mp3 hosting, free mp3 streaming, free mp3 storage, and free image hosting. 1 GB of space that you can access from any computer. 250 MB of daily outgoing bandwidth. Upload files as large as 50 MB. Create up-to 20 folders to neatly organize your files, mp3's, and images.
Dennis OConnor

Embed or Link to PDF files - 's Google Sites and Apps Guide - 5 views

    Several different ways to embed pdf files on Google sites.
Dennis OConnor

"Mobile"-ize your business with Google Sites - Docs Blog - 0 views

  • Building on last week’s post on automatic mobile rendering, we’re excited to introduce five new templates to make it easier for businesses to create mobile landing pages. You can also start from scratch with our custom template if you’re feeling creative.
    For those of you who've made the Mobile Leap, this short video promo highlights Google's recent work to make Google Sites very mobile friendly.
Dennis OConnor - Employment - Other WI Job Sites - 0 views

  • Employment in Wisconsin
  • Educator jobs and other jobs in educational settings. - the webpage address has changed so if you bookmarked this job site before July 2008 be sure to update your bookmarks.
  • Wisconsin Technical College System Jobs - View job postings of employment opportunities and obtain application materials on-line for the 16 Wisconsin Technical College Campuses located throughout the State.
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • University of Wisconsin (UW) System Jobs - View job postings at UW System Administration, UW Extension, UW College Administration and the 26 UW Campuses throughout the State.
  • WECAN - Wisconsin Education Career Access Network (WECAN) is a collaboration between the Wisconsin Association of School Personnel Administrators and Wisconsin teacher training institutions. It is non-profit.
    I've highlighted some of the education oriented resources. Most online jobs come from your own network of professional connections. (One of the many reasons I urge you to embrace social networking). However, it never hurts to make an application. Keep your resume up to date. Once you have an e-Portfolio, polish and maintain it. The best time to apply for a new job is when you have the old one! ~ Dennis
Dennis OConnor

Google Sites Template tips - 1 views

    Templates create an entire website with uniform design. You then populate the template and customize as you see fit. This is a good choice and a time saver. Currently the following templates are available: Church, NGO, Classroom, Outdoor Club, Contractor, Political, Family, Professional, Intranet, Project Wiki, Neighborhood, Restaurant, Soccer Club This is a choice you should make before you build your site. If you just want to change the colors and fonts of your page see Google Themes.
    The Professional Template seems like a good fit for an E-portfolio.
Dennis OConnor

YouTube - Working With Page Templates in Google Sites - 1 views

  • This short video will review the to process of creating page templates in Google Sites
    This tutorial video clearly explains how to create a template from an existing page. The example of a bookreport template is particularly apt for k-12 use.
Kristal kagy

Evaluating Web Sites - 0 views

    this site guide teachers and students to better critically think about an appropriate website when doing research.
kathy kurshinsky - 0 views

    My home page for school
Khalid Fethi

heartlandweb2curriculum / ELL - 5 views

    This is a great resource for instructors of ESL students compiled by the Heartland Area Education Agency in Des Moines.
Kevin Schuchmann

counters Search Engine - 0 views

    This Rollyo search engine may be one of the more unusual ones. It specifically searches the statistics pages of Website creators who allow such information to be public.

Ning - Create a Social Networking Site with Ning, the Best Social Site Platform - 3 views

  • Create a New Social Network
    • Dave Kunkle
      It's social networking, but you invite the audience. No creepers, only those people you invite.
    Good for setting up a safe social networking location for students in a class. Students must be invited to join and you, as the instructor, are the only one to send out invites. Great for student blogging.
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    Ning is a social networking site that offers either a private or public place to communicate. I like to look at it as Facebook on steriods.
    This is a social networking site like Facebook, but you can create either a public or private networking site.
    Make sure you use that license agreement....must be at least 13 years old.
    Ning is a social networking site. This would be great to use in the classroom since you can set up a private social network. Can be used with any grade level to help share interests and information.
    "Create a perfect social website to bring people together. With your own look and feel, and choice of social integration, Ning opens new doors to revenue and involvement."
Russell Long

Researchers Advise Cyber Self Defense in the Cloud by PC World: Yahoo! Tech - 0 views

    Here is a good writeup on social media sites and the dangers of making your personal information available. It goes along with our discussions in module 2.
    This goes along with our dicussion on social web site privacy.
Jen Kraucis

Hoax Sites - 0 views

    Note to self-use for research project
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