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Heather Taft

Tips to Help you Get a Job | - 1 views

    This Scoop It magazine, Tips to Help You Get a Job, highlights some current ideas that will help people starting out in the job market find and obtain a job. Did you just graduate and have no idea how to create a resume, or what skills you have that could possibly be interesting to employers? How about composing emails to show your interest? There are great articles here to help you out! Many ideas are relevant for individuals searching for a new job too. Have you had to deal with those horrible diversity questions in interviews? Read ideas about formulating a winning response based on personal experiences.
Sandy Madelung


    Sandra Madelung - Online Job Applications & E-portfolios
    Sandra Madelung -
    Here's my magazine.

Stanford's Online High School Raises the Bar - - 2 views

    This article is about how colleges and universities are getting into the high school education business via online "high schools" operated under their name but not necessarily with their staff. Tuition is $15,000 plus.  
Dennis OConnor - Employment - Other WI Job Sites - 0 views

  • Employment in Wisconsin
  • Educator jobs and other jobs in educational settings. - the webpage address has changed so if you bookmarked this job site before July 2008 be sure to update your bookmarks.
  • Wisconsin Technical College System Jobs - View job postings of employment opportunities and obtain application materials on-line for the 16 Wisconsin Technical College Campuses located throughout the State.
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  • University of Wisconsin (UW) System Jobs - View job postings at UW System Administration, UW Extension, UW College Administration and the 26 UW Campuses throughout the State.
  • WECAN - Wisconsin Education Career Access Network (WECAN) is a collaboration between the Wisconsin Association of School Personnel Administrators and Wisconsin teacher training institutions. It is non-profit.
    I've highlighted some of the education oriented resources. Most online jobs come from your own network of professional connections. (One of the many reasons I urge you to embrace social networking). However, it never hurts to make an application. Keep your resume up to date. Once you have an e-Portfolio, polish and maintain it. The best time to apply for a new job is when you have the old one! ~ Dennis
suzain johan

How to Find a Job - 5 views

    Everyone wants a job that provides a meaningful life if it is professional or personal. Get a job of your choice is difficult in these uncertain times, when the world market suffers slowdown and employers are filled with many CVs for experienced and talented.
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