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Thanasis Priftis | Le magazine à la rencontre des évènements multimédia - 2 views

  • est un web-magazine basé à Lausanne, en Suisse. Créé en janvier 2014 sous l'impulsion d'un jeune ambitieux, étudiant en sciences politiques à l'Université de Lausanne, le média gagne rapidement une bonne image. Titulaire d'une carte de presse (NRP) et membre de diverses associations journalistiques en Suisse, Yves Di Cristino, rédacteur en chef du magazine parcourt le monde du journalisme à sa manière. Du Stade de la Pontaise à Lausanne jusqu'au Lido Comedy & Club de Lausanne, il se propose de réaliser divers reportages qui constituent aujourd'hui une base solide favorisant l'évolution exponentielle de

ECVET MAGAZINE - Issue 16 (2014) - 0 views

    "Special issue dedicated to the ECVET annual Forum "Stay connected to implement ECVET", which was held in Prague on 13-14 June 2013. Main topics: ECVET developments between 2009 and 2013 - key messages and next steps Synthesis of the results from the ECVET pilot projects: ECVET is a tool with different applications National teams of ECVET experts: aims and activities in promoting ECVET at national level NetECVET: working with ECVET on transnational mobility and supporting its implementation in the Member States"
    This magazine give an overview on ECVET project status with key added-values of the framework to be known for Wikinomics purposes.
Thanasis Priftis

A Cowaboo story for "smart contracts" - 1 views

    Related bookmarks: - Coalition of Automated Legal Applications | Working Groups - Bitlov is a blockchain secured money automation system for individuals, corporations, and also charities. - How to Write Safe Smart Contracts - Doing Distributed Business | Eris + IPFS - to Introduce Smart Locks Linked to Smart Ethereum Contracts, Decentralize the Sharing Economy | Bitcoin Magazine - Pay for Performance, Simplified - Related articles: - Smart contract - Ethereum - Crypto-anarchism - Block chain (database)

L'économie quaternaire - Denis Ettigoffer - vidéo en français - 0 views

    Denis Ettigoffer, consultant en organisation et manangement pour le magazine "Dirigeant", parle en quelques mots de l'économie quaternaire.
Thanasis Priftis - 0 views

    "The open money manifesto, first published in the previous edition of Kohkoku, declares that money problems can be easily fixed by using our own moneys. Any community, network, and association can have its own money simply by providing a set of accounts through which members can record their trades. Eventually, almost all communities will use their own money. It's just a question of time and a matter of design. A society that does this will eliminate the problems associated with lack of money. Imagine a world without poverty, homelessness, unemployment and exploitation - a world where there is always enough money to meet all our needs. Such a world is not only possible, but also probable. In the last Kohkoku we wrote about memes, self-replicating elements of culture, passed on by imitation. Society will transform itself as the open money meme connects with open minds, who in turn propagate the idea throughout the culture. In this way, from one to some, from some to many, from many to millions, like the imaginal cells that turn caterpillar to butterfly, transformation will happen. In this issue of the magazine we provide a simple game to explore these ideas and set the stage for further development. "
Théo Bondolfi

How to Crowdfund Your Permaculture Project | Permaculture Magazine - 0 views

    "Top Tips for a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign Plan Ahead Crowdfunding is in no way the quick or 'easy option' and requires months of strategic planning before you launch. Talk to people about your idea, run focus groups (or set up a Facebook group online), and build an engaged and excited community in advance, so you can hit the ground running when your campaign launches. Getting your video pitch right is crucial, so make it professional, with good visuals and audio."
Thanasis Priftis

A Music-Sharing Network for the Unconnected - The New York Times - 0 views

    " Seated practically thigh to thigh, these vendors crouch over laptops, scrolling through screen after screen of downloaded music. They are known as téléchargeurs, or downloaders, and they operate as an offline version of iTunes, Spotify and Pandora all rolled into one. They know what their regulars might like, from the latest Jay Z album to the obscurest songs of Malian music pioneers like Ali Farka Touré. Savvy musicians take their new material to Fankélé Diarra Street and press the téléchargeurs to give it a listen and recommend it to their customers. For a small fee - less than a dime a song - the téléchargeurs transfer playlists to memory cards or U.S.B. sticks, or directly onto cellphones. Customers share songs with their friends via short-range Bluetooth signals"

Neutralité du net : la Commission vante une "approche équilibrée" - 0 views

    Le commissaire européen en charge du numérique Günther Oettinger, qui avait envoyé des signaux négatifs dès son audition d'intronisation par les parlementaires, ne fait rien pour rassurer sur le sort qu'il compte donner à la neutralité du net dans la législation de l'Union européenne.
Samuel Dixneuf

Quand l'Open Source rejoint l'univers de la mode - Numerama - 0 views

    Insolite :-)
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