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Tactical Smartwatch V4 - All Day Activity Tracker for Android & iOS phones - Walmar... - 0 views

    The Tactical SmartWatch V4. Made of Stainless Steel and with a fourth-generation Corning Gorilla Crystal, it is resistant to any impact both in the riskiest activities and for the most extreme sports. The ultra-resistant rubber strap does not fear water, cold and extreme heat. Military Grade watches are pretty easy to spot instantly. Unlike fragile and normal smartwatches, they're designed to take you to the next level, giving you much more use from your wristwatch than you'd normally get. They're pretty good looking and once you upgrade, you'll never want to go back. If you're not just looking for an accessory to give you accurate time, Tactical SmartWatch is the perfect watch for you!
Nigel Coutts

Valuing and responding to resistance to change - The Learner's Way - 0 views

    Change is something that we fear or embrace. It is widely considered as the one constant in our lives. For education at present we face a deluge of reports that the pace of change shall only accelerate and its scale become more absolute. No wonder then that many teachers feel now is a good time for a move out of the profession. For others the changing face of education is seen as bringing exciting new possibilities wrapped in engaging challenges. Regardless of how reliable predictions for change may prove to be it is worth considering how individuals and groups respond to it.

Full Windshield Cover Protection Of 2020 - YouTube - 0 views

    Main Features: Sunshade for summer and snow cover for winter. Multi-functional, suitable as a picnic mat, outdoor tablecloth and so on. Water-resistant and anti-theft design. Easy to use and easy to remove. Easy installation and universal fit. Blocks around 99% of UV rays. Premium weather protection.

International Travel Adapter - Worldwide All in One Universal AC Outlet Plugs Adapters ... - 0 views

    All-In-One Universal Travel Adapter is a compact solution that fits electric wall outlets in more than 170 different countries (USA, Canada, UK France, China and more!)It can be used with a power converter or transformer and includes a built-in security lock and a surge protector. Light-weight, pota Highlights: ● 2 USB ports ● Built-in security lock ● Flame resistant material ● 4 Plugs: EU, UK, AU, USA ● Prevents excessive current or overheating
Nigel Coutts

Why didn't that work? Maybe its culture? - The Learner's Way - 0 views

    n practical terms, any change effort that does not consider the culture into which it is introduced is unlikely to succeed. The worst-case scenario is that the change effort is resisted to such a degree that it is never truly implemented. In many cases, however, the change effort fails to produce the sort of results initially imagined despite the efforts of all involved to adopt the change. Although the new behaviours are adopted, something goes wrong, and it isn't always that the new idea itself is to be blamed. - Maybe it's culture?
eva harvell

The Three-E Strategy for Overcoming Resistance to Technological Change (EDUCAUSE Quarte... - 0 views

  • We constantly search for new ways to employ technology in the service of teaching and research. Most users, however, be they faculty, staff, or students, do not approach technology the same way we do.
  • First, a technology must be evident to the user as potentially useful in making his or her life easier (or more enjoyable). Second, a technology must be easy to use to avoid rousing feelings of inadequacy. Third, the technology must become essential to the user in going about his or her business.
  • “Technology of the Week” posters. We actually advertise some of the useful and interesting things that faculty can do with a particular technology.
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  • It is imperative to market new technologies in positive and encouraging ways.
  • Faculty faced with increasing numbers of students and demands for accountability see their workloads going up and up. The last thing they want to confront is another task.
  • we have to show them how the enhanced communication made possible through technologies such as Web 2.0 will enhance their efficiency, productivity, and ability to teach and learn.
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