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casino near me - 0 views

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mental illness | Services Mental Health - 0 views

    • farhatasha
      mental health services for world wide patients
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hottest bets - 0 views

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Aemina Turner

Getting Started with Diigolet - Diigo help - 0 views

  • Tags help you find and organize your bookmarks by letting you select all of your bookmarks with a certain tag or combination of tags. Quickly add relevant tags to a bookmark by clicking on any of the recommended tags that appear under the description field on the “Save Bookmark” pop-up. When you are satisfied with the information in the “Save Bookmark” pop-up, click the “Save Bookmark” button. Now a link to the page is stored in your Diigo library, and the information you entered is stored with it.
  • Highlight Highlighting lets you denote important information on a page, just like highlighting in a book, but with Diigo, the highlighted text will be conveniently saved to your library as well. There are some important things for me to denote on my recipe. My wife doesn’t like pineapple, my grandfather can’t have eggs or chocolate, and I don’t like coconut very much, so I highlight those items on the recipe to let me know I need to deal with them. Highlight by clicking “Highlight” on the Diigolet. Then select the text you want to highlight. The text will be visually highlighted and the text is now stored in your library. It’s that easy. Click the button again to exit highlighter mode. You can also change the color of a highlight by clicking the downward-pointing arrow next to “Highlight” and choosing a color. Colors are useful for differentiating different types of highlights. I will use a different color for each of the different people I need to consider.
  • To add a sticky note to a highlight, simply move your mouse cursor over a highlight. When the little pop-up tab with the pencil on it appears, move the cursor to it and a menu will appear. Choose “Add Sticky Notes”. Now you can type and post a sticky note just like before, but this time it will be tied to the highlighted text.
John Ravis

90 Day Payday Loans No Credit Check - 0 views


started by John Ravis on 26 Sep 16 no follow-up yet

Best Places to visit In South india - 0 views

Best Tourist Places to Visit in TamilNadu               The heritage tours of Tamil Nadu comprise fine arts galore of UNESCO W...

goa tour packages from chennai manali package holiday

started by beautyindiatours on 01 Apr 19 no follow-up yet
Heather Hurley

Create a font from your own handwriting - - 0 views

    At you can create a font from your very own handwriting. There's no software to download and install, all you need is a printer and a scanner. Simply fill in the font template, scan and upload it to our website, and download your completed font. The fonts you create using can be used on both Windows and Mac computers.
Rob Jacklin

26 Must-Have Free Fonts | Presidia Creative - 0 views

    onts are one of the essential parts of graphic design. The font that accompanies a graphic or web design helps define the feel and compliment the design. There are a plethora of free fonts available on the internet, but many of them are lackluster or completely impractical. Today, we have 26 must-have fonts that are free to download and use in your personal designs. Make sure to read the license agreement for each font, as some are for personal use only, while others are free to use in commercial work.
Methew Smith

Opportunities To Get CPR Class - 0 views


bls certification cpr renewal class for healthcare providers provider

started by Methew Smith on 23 May 14 no follow-up yet
Scott Kinkoph

Free Technology for Teachers: A Picture is Worth 1,000 Gigabytes: Creating InfoGraphics... - 0 views

  • After finding an InfoGraphic about Factors that go into Choosing a Career for my 7th and 8th grade Career Exploration elective course, I wanted my students to make their own InfoGraphic about their own career interests and map out how they plan to achieve their target career.
    • Scott Kinkoph
      I have thought about Infographics in the same way.  Have students do the research and then create the graphic to assess what they have learned.  Assessment comes in many forms, yet a question needs to be answered.  "Is a grade derived from points given as the final description of what a student has learned, is a broad rubric written from the learning goals, or is a describe learning along a continuum?

Quản lý Hình ảnh / 500px - 0 views

    • containervtv3
      container văn phòng 40 feet
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