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Dean Mantz

Vellum - 5 views

    "Vellum is a simple reading list for the links your friends are currently sharing in your Twitter feed.

    Vellum puts a spotlight on content, making it easy to find what you should read next. Links are ranked by how often they have been shared by those you follow on Twitter, so you can stay up to date with the news that the people you care about are discussing."
Dean Mantz

Content Curation Through the SAMR Lens - Getting Smart by Susan Oxnevad - curate conten... - 11 views

    Mouse over the SAMR model for interact with the Thinglink resources.
Dean Mantz - 10 views

shared by Dean Mantz on 13 May 13 - No Cached
    Create your own customized RSS feed reader by searching website content via keyword search, RSS feeds and social networks.
Dean Mantz

One-bit Internet: The iPad is/isn't a content creation device | TUAW - The Unofficial A... - 12 views

    This article will get you thinking about the iPad as or not as a creation device.  The author does provide points that make you think twice. 
Betty Powell

Essential Science for Teachers: Earth and Space Science - 17 views

    Science content on soil and space. Good for preparing teachers before they teach.
RJ Stangherlin

Teachers: Content Literacy - 0 views

    Reading Apprenticeship strategies in a nutshell. From Jennifer Brinson.
Jennifer Dorman

eSchoolNews - This fair-use guide offers copyright shelter - 0 views

    Created though a partnership among the Media Education Lab at Temple University, the Center for Social Media at American University (AU), and AU's Washington College of Law, with funding from the MacArthur Foundation, the code identifies five principles of consensus about acceptable practices for the fair use of copyrighted materials, wherever and however it occurs: in K-12 schools, higher-education institutions, nonprofit groups that offer media-education programs for children and youth, and adult-education programs.
    1. Employing copyrighted material in media-literacy lessons
    2. Employing copyrighted material in preparing curriculum materials
    3. Sharing media-literacy curriculum materials
    4. Student use of copyrighted materials in their own academic and creative work
    5. Developing audiences for student work
Fred Delventhal

ZunaVision - 0 views

    Very cool! You need to check this out. Take an editable clip and embed your school logo or something else into a film.
    With ZunaVision you can easily "embed" pictures, logos, and videos within your own videos.
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