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Dean Mantz

CORE Education's Ten Trends 2014 | CORE Education - 9 views

    The wheel is an interactive image which links out to additional resources based on the topic selected.
Roger Zuidema

YouTube- Broadcast Yourself. - 7 views

    Share your videos with friends, family, and the world
Roger Zuidema

Beyond Textbooks - 18 views

    K-12 Digital Curriculum Program
Randy Rodgers

Gapminder Four Big - - 0 views

    Site with fascinating and beautiful statistical visualizations. "Gapminder Foundation now fills the Trendalyzer with statistical content and use the resulting animations to fulfill our aim by: * Making time series freely available in Gapminder World and Gapminder Countries. * Producing videos, Flash presentations and PDF charts showing major global development trends with animated statistics and colorful graphics. All with the intention of being a "fact tank" that promotes a fact based world view."
RJ Stangherlin

10 Ways Journalism Schools Are Teaching Social Media - 0 views

    Though many professors are still experimenting and learning how these tools can be used, below are 10 ways journalism schools are teaching students to use social media.
Fred Delventhal - Find the Pulse of the Web - 0 views

    OneRiot crawls the links people share on Twitter, Digg and other social sharing services, then indexes the content on those pages in seconds. The end result is a search experience that allows users to find the freshest, most socially-relevant content from across the realtime web. via Mr. Byrne
RJ Stangherlin

Twitscoop - Stay on top of twitter! - Search twitter, twitter client, hot trends - 0 views

    Twitscoop, search twitter, see what's hot right now
Roger Zuidema

Top News - New search tool gives pause to some - 0 views

  • A new search tool that is set to launch formally May 18 allows users to input queries and receive answers to fact-based questions. If it works as advertised, the web site, called WolframAlpha, could be another useful tool for students and researchers -- though some educators say they are skeptical about the search tool.
  • Champaign, Ill.-based Wolfram Research develops the advanced math and analysis software Mathematica, and because the software includes data that have been "curated"--found and verified--by more than 100 Wolfram employees, over the years the company has built a wide knowledge base. Now, WolframAlpha lets the wider world have a crack at it--something that gives pause to some in education.
Roger Zuidema

Learning 2.0 and Workplace Communities - 2009 - ASTD - 0 views

  • new application of “social media”
  • magine what might happen if we formalized these exchanges through social media.  If learners want to discuss formal learning events or curriculum, let’s provide them with discussion forums and comment capabilities.
  • represents a major change
  • ...11 more annotations...
  • A social learning model will not replace, eliminate, or displace traditional formal learning.
  • The Embedded Model involves introducing social media inside formal learning content
  • In moving from instructor-led training to WBT, organizations have saved significant amounts of money from reduced travel costs
  • wrap social media
  • “Learning 2.0” or “social learning.
  • frastructure for these exchanges, this content becomes searchable and can be included in reports and analytics that provide more insight into the meta-discourse around formal content. 
  • Many of us now reference blogs, wikis, discussion forums, and social networks for information in our personal lives, but far fewer of us have these same options in the workplace. 
  • o matter how effective a training department might be, it will never have the scale of an organization whose entire employee base actively contributes ideas, expertise, and knowledge through vibrant social learning and workplace communities
  • In the Embedded Model, we’re simply reintroducing the social elements that used to be part of a typical instructor-led class—reflection, debrief, sharing of opinions and perspectives, and the discussion of best practices.
  • In the Wrapped Model, we’re providing a social platform for the interactions that already happen around formal courseware.
  • And in the Community Model, we’re providing a broader platform to capture social exchanges and social learning across any topic, not just those addressed in formal learning.
Jennifer Dorman

Top News - Tech trends every school leader should know - 0 views

    Rust identified four key trends that school district chief technology officers (CTOs) should be aware of: accountability, the changing nature of learners, the accessibility of technology, and the "internal and external demands" that are now placed on ed-tech executives.
Sheri Edwards

KnowledgeWorks - Map of Future Forces Affecting Education - Home - 0 views

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    What are the forces affecting education? Forward visualizing detailed map inclusive of all arenas: politics, education, social networks, etc.
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