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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Tim Villalba

Tim Villalba

TCRecord: Article - 34 views

    Using Alternative Lenses to Examine Effective Teachers' Use of Technology with Low-Performing Students
Tim Villalba

Talkin' 'bout my cerebration. » Evernote - 1 views

  • The power of networked learning outperforms that of any individual.  It was great to experience real collaboration (common goal and unrestricted sharing) and I’ve no doubtmy learning has benefitted.
  • However if I create the learning environment where they see opportunity for access through choice, they respond and access the technology readily.  This reinforces to me something I have long believed in – it is the pedagogy that matters, not the tools.  Knowing this, I can create and manage the environment that results in student engagement with all of these tools to enable and encourage learning.
    ICT leader's blog
Tim Villalba

The Edurati Review: Making the Shift, Part 4: From "Target Future" to Teaching - 0 views

  • framework
  • But if you recognize that authentic understanding is constructed by the brain, and that executive function processes play critical roles in working memory’s constructing of understanding, then you may see this ideal as representing a potentially real instructional, or better yet, an effective learning environment. Students are still accountable for their work and learning, but they get a say in how that work and learning will develop. They become participants in the learning, not merely recipients.
  • If you teaching something that is heavily skill-focused, could an occasional focus, form, and frame that engages students in applying several of those skills help them connect what you are teaching with the executive function processes they’ll use to determine when and where to use the learned skills?
    Ideason curriculum design. I like how the tech teacher talks to the class on the ways to present similiar to the librarian.
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