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Brianna Crowley

Response: Several Ways Teachers & Parents Can Start The New Year Well -- Part Two - Cla... - 52 views

  • With so much talking and not much doing many students would tell teachers that this is a sure-fire way to put them to sleep. Missing out on a golden opportunity when students are most receptive to learning.
  • Instead of taking three weeks to go over what they've already learned, start off with something new. Something that will grab their attention and say "Hey, this is going to be a wonderful learning place for the next 10 months. Get ready."
Brianna Crowley

Response: Several Ways to Get the New Year Off to a Good Start -- Part One - Classroom ... - 60 views

  • Every day that first week, even in the first meeting, teach something substantive in the curriculum. Make it something that is brand new, not something reviewed from the previous year. Students are hungry for intellectual engagement after a summer off, and they want to think great thoughts and do great works.
  • Mix academics with administrative and Get-to-Know-You activities. It should be about 50-50: half engagement with interesting academics, half focused on forms, announcements, or activities meant to build classroom community. Keep the ratio: students will grow impatient and disillusioned if too much time is spent on get-to-know-you activities. It sounds weird, but most students are not looking for continued summer camp experiences so much as they are seeking confidence and engagement.
  • choose poems related to growing up or modern culture, or read share the lyrics of powerful songs of any generation.
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  • Tell students what new opportunities and freedoms they now have instead of just listing rules and the consequences for breaking them.
Aaron Shaw

First Days of School - 70 views

    This is something that often gets overlooked. Although the students know your name, they do not know you. Let them know some things about you. Let them know where your grew up, where you went to school, your teaching background and how long you have been teaching.
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