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academiblog: 15 Tips for Postponing Writing Procrastination - 2 views

  • Open your brain so there is flow.
    • Daniel Spielmann
      Flow is important, indeed. See Csikszentmihalyi (1975) for more detail. I've found that binaural beats can aid getting into the flow, but I still need a good source for high quality binaural beats.
  • Open a document.
    • Daniel Spielmann
      Yeah well, for some this can be quite demotivating - having a clean and empty document on your computer that screams for attention and at the beginning shows nothing but the fact that you haven't done anything yet. So instead of opening an empty document, I always suggest my students should use a good writing software that helps them to produce text naturally and "on the go". For this, my personal choice is Citavi.
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  • Always capture ideas.
    • Daniel Spielmann
      Nothing works better than good ol' pen and paper!
  • Routinize your writing
    • Daniel Spielmann
      See Rowena Murray (2011), chapter on becoming a 'serial writer'. Seer also: work by Peter Elbow.
  • Remind yourself why you are writing.
  • Ask questions that need answers.
  • Timers are your friends.
  • Perfection is not your friend.
  • Take one slice (bite) at a time.
  • Isolate editing and composing.
  • Note when you finish where you’ll be starting next.
  • Integrate writing into how you define yourself.
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