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started by mdeschamps67 on 20 Oct 15
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  • mdeschamps67

    This is a fantastic double student driven learning tool. Just register (takes about 1 day) then assign you classes, students and topics and the students proceed to construct and devise questions and answers. The answers can be supported by justifications such as video, written or links.
    I generally set about 15 questions to be constructed. I use the tool to ensure senior students are engaging with a set text. Then the students have a minimum of 20 questions or so to answer (which have been constructed by other students. The students once answering a question and looking at the justifications, can liaise with the question constructor to ask for verification or add to the answer etc
    This is a brilliant study tool. Teachers can access every students activity both answers and questions and they can have access indefinitely which is great for extended courses.
    The administrators are fantastic and communicate with you very quickly. Students find it very easy to use.
    In my experience students start to construct more challenging questions over time and I set a small assessment task mark to both answering and constructing questions.

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