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Cristina Nevins

Our view: Teaching kids cybersafety a good move - 1 views

    Very interesting article about how schools should teach students about cyber safety.
erika webb

Teen haunted by sexy cellphone pictures that end up on Internet - 0 views

  • The girl, now 18, reported to police that she received a text message last month from an unknown person, who told her that her pictures were seen on a website.

  • The woman told police she sent some indecent pictures to her boyfriend from her cell phone in November 2009. Her phone was later stolen at a New
  • Her phone was later stolen at a New

    Year's party.

    About 15 months later, she received the text message while she was at work, informing her that her pictures were on the Internet.

  • ...2 more annotations...
  • Year's party.
  • Her actions as a juvenile are coming back to haunt her," Walker said.
    This girl sent pics to her boyfriend over a year ago and is now recieving phoe calls from strangers becasue the pics ended up on the Internet.
Tyler McKay

2010 Legislation Related to "Sexting" - 2 views

    This article talks about the new Sexting laws that were in placed during the past year. It has laws from each state. Also, it includes what the punishment will be if the law is broken.
Diane Dunn

Illinois Text Messaging and Cell Phone Laws - 2 views

    This site has information on Illinois cell phone and text messaging laws.
Mick Killman

Teen pleads guilty in fatal accident involving texting | - 1 views

    The dangers of texting while driving. This teen got off easy, but has to live with this for the rest of his life.
Mick Killman

Many teens send 100-plus texts a day, survey says - - 0 views

    Here is an article based on the Pew survey about teens and texting.
Mick Killman

Montgomery police are investigating how middle school sexting photos were obtained - 0 views

    This article should be of some use to those doing a paper on sexting
Nick Orsini

Indiana Statesman - Texting: the next embarassing addiction - 0 views

    A good editorial on the negatives of texting versus talking.
Nick Orsini

Driver Pleads Guility For Fatal Utah Car Accident Caused By Texting :: Utah Personal In... - 0 views

    Texting and driving
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