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Jeffrey Kendall

Debate: Is text messaging causing the destruction of the English language? - Helium - 0 views

  • They've become so used to this informal language, that they cannot write formally when they need to.
  • If you look at texting as a bad thing towards talking and ruining face to face communication skills, then lets take a look at that. If they're texting you, but won't talk to you face to face, maybe they haven't had very good confrontational skills to begin with, maybe that person wouldn't be talk to you at all if he/she didn't have texting as a way to talk to you.
    Debate as to whether or not texting is damaging the English language. Good for anyone looking at the effect of the internet on society
Delilah Cole

How the iPhone Could Reboot Education | Gadget Lab | - 0 views

    A quick overview of Abilene Christian Universities iPhone pilot program.
Peter Cali

iPhone in the Medical Community - 0 views

    With thousands of doctors, nurses, and administrators, the Memorial Hermann Healthcare System depends on the latest mobile technologies to streamline its services and deliver better patient care. iPhone and state-of-the-art medical apps like AirStrip OB let Memorial Hermann physicians keep their fingers on patients' pulses even when they can't be at their bedsides.
    From Apple Hot News "feed://"
Megan Seitzinger

Welcome to the University of iTunes - 0 views

    Hundreds of universities, and a growing number of business schools, are making recordings of lectures, seminars and conferences available to the general public via Web sites such as iTunes and YouTube.
Rob Eden

iTWire - Lawyer demands jury stops Googling - 0 views

shared by Rob Eden on 17 Sep 09 - Cached
    The iPhone is making it too easy for jurors to look up information on Google during trials, violating agreements not to lookup outside information during a case.
Burks Oakley

Anger at Makers When Gadgets Go Missing - - 0 views

    Good article about how companies won't assist in finding stolen hi-tech gadgets, such as iPhones or Kindles.
Burks Oakley

iPhones Overload AT&T's Network, Angering Customers - - 0 views

    Interesting article about going online with an iPhone
    The DC area is no exception to this...GRRR ATT!

    I still prefer them over Verizon though.

    T-Mobile for the win!
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