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Gerald Hussen

Financial Review Corliss Group online magazine: Ways to reduce your vulnerability on ta... - 1 views

10 ways to reduce your vulnerability on tax-related identity theft Identity theft continues to be one of the major growing crimes in United States nowadays, and places a large burden on victims, b...

10 ways to reduce your vulnerability on tax-related identity theft Financial Review Corliss Group online magazine

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Gerald Hussen

Corliss Online Financial Mag: Tips to become financially fit - 0 views

Following are few easy tips made by Corliss Online Financial Mag that will help you move forward toward financial security and make your dreams become reality.   Put aside time and energy to...

Corliss Online Financial Mag Tips to become financially fit

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Corliss Online Financial Mag: Japan, Australia May Join China-Led Bank - 1 views

Japan signaled that it could join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) after all if certain conditions were met satisfactorily. This is despite the United States already expressing con...

Corliss Online Financial Mag Japan Australia May Join China Led Bank

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Leslie Cordovan

Corliss Online Financial Mag: P&G to Sell 100 Brands - 1 views

Consumer goods manufacturer Procter & Gamble confirmed last week that they plan to sell off a total of 100 brands, suggesting deeper cuts than originally reported. P&G confirmed they have ...

Corliss Online Financial Mag P&G to Sell 100 Brands

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Kevin Oneill

Financial Review Corliss Group online magazine: Nennwert - Spitze des Haufens Finanzen - 1 views

Antonia Watson gestiegen um chief financial Officer der ANZ Bank, eine der beiden Frauen eine Rolle in einem der fünf Großbanken zusammen mit BNZs Adrienne Duarte halten werden. Das mach...

Financial Review Corliss Group online magazine Nennwert Spitze des Haufens Finanzen

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Financial Review Corliss Group Online Magazine: WealthyU - Keeping You And Your Money S... - 1 views

Every two seconds someone has their identity stolen. The holiday shopping season is in full swing and the scammers, crooks and identity thieves are on the prowl. Financial guru Deborah Owens joine...

Financial Review Corliss Group Online Magazine

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Americans have limited financial knowledge, survey says - 1 views

A new survey authorized by the Fifth Third Bank and performed by Research Now, reveals that Americans have limited financial knowledge and stability, based on The Corliss Group online magazine repo...

Americans have limited knowledge survey says Financial Review Corliss Group online magazine

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Gerald Hussen

Corliss Online Financial Mag: 5 investment tips for beginners - 1 views

We're all taught that it's good to save some for a rainy day but simply setting a side a portion of our income is not going to cut it nowadays, what with the inflation always rising. According to...

Corliss Online Financial Mag: 5 investment tips for beginners

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Jeremy Gates

The Corliss Online Group Financial Magazine: College pros offer tips on filing for fina... - 1 views

    Just before tax season comes the opportunity for college-bound students to apply for monetary assistance via the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The program collects and sends financial data to colleges that use it to award need-based financial aid to students. Filing a FAFSA was once daunting, according to Pam Rambo, a former college financial aid and admissions professional who now works as a researcher for families and students looking to maximize their financial aid opportunities. For more useful reference:
Gerald Hussen

Britain's economy to become largest in Europe - and will grow even more if we leave EU - 0 views

    The think tank Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) predicts the UK economy will outstrip France and Germany within two decades even if Britain stays in the EU. But while leaving the organisation would have initial negative consequences, the CEBR's chief executive Douglas McWilliams suspects "that over a 15-year period, it would probably be positive." Britain is set to vote on a referendum on EU membership in 2017. The report predicts the UK's GDP will first move to fifth place ahead of France by 2018 before leapfrogging Germany around 2030. However, despite being forecast to be the second most successful of the Western economies after the US, it will fall behind the accelerating economies of India and Brazil. "Germany is forecast to lose its position as the largest Western European economy to the UK around 2030 because of the UK's faster population growth and lesser dependence on the other European economies," the report said. But added: "If the euro were to break up, Germany's outlook would be much better. "A Deutsche Mark-based Germany certainly would not be overtaken by the UK for many years if ever." It added that a factor driving the UK's move ahead of Germany is the assumption of a falling value for the euro, Germany's falling population and the UK's rising population. The gap between the two countries will fall from almost £610billion in 2013 to just £183billion in five years. The UK's GDP will grow from more than £1.59trillion in 2013 to £2.6trillion in 2028, compared to China which is predicted to be in top position with a GDP of more than £20.5trillion, ahead of the US with an estimated £19.7trillion Japan will fall from its steady position in the global league of third to fourth by 2028, overtaken by India and followed by Brazil, Germany and the UK. The positive report on the economy comes as a poll reveals more people believe they would be helped rather than harmed by a rise in interest rates. A survey reveals that a pre-
Gerald Hussen

Amazon's holiday success and UPS' holiday fail highlight the internet economy's problems - 0 views

    The holidays were great for Amazon and lousy for UPS. The two are linked and are a good illustration of two problems we'll face more often as the web meets the real world. Shipping giant UPS failed millions of customers this holiday season, missing the delivery of "a small percentage of its packages" on the Christmas Eve, according to a statement it released on Tuesday. Meanwhile on the day after the Christmas Day, e-tailing giant Amazon is crowing about signing up more than one million Amazon Prime members last week and that it registered record number of orders. Later Amazon said it would offer shipping refunds on packages affected by the UPS delays. Both events are linked, and here is why.
Gerald Hussen

Spotify user numbers grow globally as company's UK revenue falls - 0 views

    Spotify UK drop into the red last year, since subscription revenue fell and the music streaming service invested more in growth here. When compared to 2011's profit of £21 million, accounts reveal Spotify's British arm made a loss of £10.1 million in 2012. Down from £96.5 million a year earlier in 2012 it fell to £92.6 million, the online music streaming platform saw this revenue fall. The decrease in revenue was partially down to its decline in subscription, which fell from £72.4 million to £64.7 million because of the alteration in the way subscriptions were booked. A minimal increase was seen by UK advertising on the platform, rising from £8.1 million to £9.1 million to the year ending December 31. Sources say that subscription numbers have been growing strongly in 2013 thanks in part to partnerships with the likes of Vodafone. Spotify UK declined to comment on its accounts but earlier in the year parent company Spotify Group said: "In 2012 the business focused on driving user growth, international expansion and product development, resulting in soaring user numbers and increased market penetration. "Our key priority throughout 2013 and beyond remains bringing our unrivalled music experience to even more people while continuing to build for long-term growth - both for our company and for the music industry as a whole." With its operations in the thirty two countries around the world, Spotify lets users stream 10 hours of music a month for free with advertising or pay a subscription fee for unlimited, advertising-free listening. Naming Sony, Universal and EMI, and to date has paid out $500 million in royalties to artists, the company has signed deals with major record labels with the said records. With 5 million paying subscribers Globally Spotify saw users leap from 11 million to 20 million in the year. UK numbers were not disclosed. From March this year figures demonstrate this has augmented to 24 million users and 6 million subscribe
Gerald Hussen

Risk warning - 0 views

    Corliss Group Online Financial Mag does not legally have to publish this warning as we do not facilitate stock transactions; however we believe that as a stock-market based website, you should be aware that prices of shares can go down as well as up and making money is never a guaranteed thing. Be always aware that past performance of a stock does not guarantee the same performance in the future. Corliss Online Financial Mag does not take responsibility or accept any liability for any personal loss or materials shown on external websites.
Gerald Hussen

Announcing the New and Affordable, Easy Access, PayPal Business Loan Options that Come ... - 0 views

    Reasonable, convenient PayPal commercial loans can now be availed of, thanks to alternative business lender, BusinessCashAdvanceGuru.Com. Small companies can be eligible to loans from $5,000 to $500,000 with interest rates as low as only 1.9 percent with no accompanying credit investigation. Small commercial lending has dropped significantly from the Great Recession. All over the country, small-sized businesses are now discovering working funds, business loans, and expansion capital as difficult to acquire. "Forty-five percent of the 515 business-people who joined the advocacy group's survey said availability of loans and credit at affordable rates is a hurdle for their companies. Access to funds was most hard in the Northeast, where 53 percent of the owners said it was difficult to obtain. In the West, 49 percent considered it a major obstacle, followed by 44 percent in the South and 37 percent in the Midwest," reported the Seattle Post Intelligencer.
Ruairi Ryan

Corliss Online Financial Group - The real role models of the global economy - 1 views

The real heroes of the world economy - the role models that others should emulate - are countries that have done relatively well while running only small external imbalances. Countries like Austr...

Corliss Online Group Financial magazine real role models of the global economy

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Gerald Hussen

Fed still has more help to offer the economy says Janet Yellen - 0 views

    Janet Yellen said in prepared remarks to be delivered in a confirmation hearing on Thursday that the Federal Reserve helped restart the economy after the recession, but still there's more work to be done. "We have made good progress, but we have farther to go to regain the ground lost in the crisis and the recession," reads the statement. Yellen is at present serving as vice-chair on the Federal Reserve Board, she is nominated by President Obama to succeed Ben Bernanke as head of the central bank. Bernanke's second term ends January 31, and in spite of the protests from a few Tea Party members, Yellen is mostly anticipated to be long-established for the position before then. Ten in the morning Eastern, Thursday, her hearing before the Senate Banking Committee is scheduled.

Corliss Online Financial Mag: Buying Shares or a free practice/virtual trading - 5 views

    A share has several features that you should understand and get familiar with. The share features are enumerated and defined below. * Last Price - The last price the share was traded at. * Ask Price - The price at which you can buy your stock. * Bid Price - The price at which you can sell your stock. Note: There is always a small difference between the bid and the ask price, this is where the market makers earn money.
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    Trading shares is one aspect of financial awareness that requires wider dissemination, especially with the onslaught of controversies surrounding Wall Street activities and global economics, in general. A basic appreciation of the complex process would help both would-be investor and non-investor alike achieve a working knowledge of the industry. Educating people about the stock market will also promote the industry to more people who might be encouraged to invest and prepare for their future through engaging actively in a potentially promising wealth-building undertaking. Although Corliss Online Financial Mag presents itself as an e-zine or online magazine, the traditional features of the magazine are not present. The friendly-ness of most magazines are clearly not there. Except for the few pictures on the homepage, we are shown nothing more to make the e-zine appear inviting. All the rest, the layout, the color and the overall presentation leaves much to be desired. In contrast to the frenzied action that happens on the stock market floor, the treatment as well as presentation of the subject matter reminds one of most college textbooks on logic and economics. One has to be so focused on making money and nothing else - no art, no drama, no panache - to keep on reading and enjoying it. One gains a lot, of course, in the same way that most students have to learn in order to pass the exam in class. In this case, one will gain enough to become a more-or-less knowledgeable stock market investor in the long run, with enough practice and experience. Learning the first steps in any endeavor, after all, requires knowing the basic definitions of the subject. Plenty of that in the mag although we could need some more illustrations. But I guess, the editors aimed for a very fundamental approach in order to give beginners a smooth-sailing introduction to the intricate world of stock trading. All in all, the webpage provides all that one needs to know to make that giant
    The phenomenon of share prices moving up or down is a dynamic process worth looking into and understanding in order to appreciate what is happening and how it affects one's investment. The website attributes the movements to "supply and demand" - the ubiquitous main players in the whole economic or business world. And so, a share price goes up when certain conditions are present. Let us discuss them one by one. "When a firm is making big profits", the demand for it goes up and the price follows suit. Obviously, people would want to become part owner of a company that is making it big. But who decides the price should go up? The company or the market? The website does not explain further. Perhaps, it is a secret or an unnecessary information for the investor. Really? We all have the right to know. The second reason is that "many people want to buy the shares to get the rewards of the profits." This is not so obvious a reason as the first. It seems similar or the very same first reason above. This probably applies to companies that are already highly valued. Third, "few people want to sell the shares." Again, this is merely the reverse of the second and which could be a result of the first reason. We seem to be going around in circles here. So far, we only have one viable reason for prices to go up. Last reason provided is "only a few shares are available to buy." Now, that looks like a different reason. But then again, it an indirect result of the first reason. Looking at the other side of the picture merely presents a mirror image of what we just went through above. In short, supply and demand, even for shares, totally depends on the profitability of companies. Nothing more. One wonders if this simple survey of the stock market is overly simplistic or is it that we can look at the whole process as a simple one and that somewhere the complexity is an artificial characteristic that is manufactured to confuse or deceive people? And the plo
    Going to the fundamentals is always a good practice in many areas. More so in the stock market investment. Corliss Online Financial Mag provides us a quick survey of a company's "fundamentals" which involves analysis of its financial statement, review of its profitability and computing other financial parameters to help the investor measure the firm's financial health. All these require a working knowledge of financial principles. Hence, no investor can achieve a significant amount of success in the stock market without fully understanding these principles. Unless, of course, one assigns the difficult analysis to financial consultants and merely take their advice at face value. But this puts any investor to genuine risks. That is why having a respectable and reliable company such as Corliss Group is vital. Transparency is a valuable quality to look for in a financial consultant group. One must ask questions and dig deep into issues that may affect one's investment. This is the only way the complexity of the stock market can be unravelled. Of course, there will always be trade secrets in any "trading" endeavor. Yet, as long as one stays long enough in action, these hidden mechanisms (if they do exist) will eventually present themselves as they often do in other fields. What encourages many investors to continue to remain in the market is its quality of being apparently easy and simple although it is in reality a totally complex matter. It is much like the ocean that appears calm on the surface but totally chaotic and foreboding underneath. That is where the sharks, serpents and monsters dwell. And since most people swim or paddle only on the surface, they do not truly appreciate the reality of things. Or who the real winners are. Still, anyone can make a living or catch enough fish simply by skimming the surface of the sea. Until one decides to face greater risk and dive overboard and catch more fish underneath. This is precisely what understanding
    Getting to know a company certainly helps in mapping out one's investment. It is like courting a girl: If you want to enter into a serious relationship with her, you must invest time and money to get to know her more to find out her real value. The good thing about shares is that you can sell it and still make a profit.
    Corliss Online Financial Mag describes the process of buying shares, a rather simple step done through a brokerage account. Exactly what a brokerage account is and how it is acquired and where one can get one is not explained. However, the website advises the reader to visit links to fill up that information gap. Also, the site suggests enrolling in a free practice/virtual trading at ADVFN. Alright, that removes all the missing info from a mere reading and depending on the essential information published on Corliss' website. Besides, it is not any person or company's obligation to spoon-feed its readers when they themselves can get that information somewhere else. The crucial step of buying shares at certain prices is the first and, perhaps, the ultimate step involved in the process of stock market investment. That is where all the asking and the bidding occur. That is where all the success and failure of the entire process begins and ends. Finally, that is where all the feelings of triumph or regret will be focused on by the players after all the counting has ended. In the din of figures flashing and voices calling out prices and names of companies, one thing is supreme: The individual investor started it all by buying the share at the determined price. It is the same case with those who call out a number at a game of dice or the number chosen at a roulette game. Win or lose, the process goes on and the dice fall how they may. This unseen and unheralded reality in the process of shares trading is inevitable and even expected, although blindsided people may not realize they will go through it or do so oftentimes. It may seem counter-intuitive for those who see trading as an emotionless or dead activity. But as one that involves humans and their passion for making wealth and dreaming of a comfortable life, it will always involve some form of mystical or transcendental passage not easily acknowledged or recognized. Not that shares trading can be likened to a
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