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Gerald Hussen

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Corliss Online Financial Mag Tips to become financially fit

started by Gerald Hussen on 02 May 15
  • Gerald Hussen

    are few easy tips made by Corliss
    Online Financial Mag
    that will help you move forward toward financial
    security and make your dreams become reality.


    Put aside time and
    energy to talk


    first step to finding common ground with your finances is to take time to talk
    about money. Define your values and goals together with your family and clarify
    the difference between needs and wants. Don't wait for a financial crisis to


    is vital to instruct the children about the value of money and how to use it


    Make a budget


    your established values, you are now ready to create a budget. There are some
    tools out there to get you started such as Mint or You Need A Budget (YNAB),
    but a Microsoft Excel document will probably do the job. Choose something that
    you are comfortable with and actually work for you. Set a time every month to
    check in and evaluate your goals as well as your progress. Make adjustments or
    improvements based on your situation.


    Pay your debts


    of individuals in debt feel trapped and bogged down, but always remember that
    even small steps can have a dramatic effect on financial stability. Just pay
    small amount above the minimum payment each month. As little as $15-$25 more
    could help you pay off a credit debt five to ten years sooner.


    Use a flexible spending


    with your employer. Several companies allow you to take money out of your
    paycheck pre-tax to pay for expenses such as health care. However, make sure
    that you only take out what you need.


    Save for retirement


    to compound interest, your money increases dramatically over time. A small
    contribution now can mean larger returns later.


    Prepare for abrupt


    the things that can have a huge effect on your life later on. Build an
    emergency fund, set up a life insurance policy, and open a 529 plan - defined
    by Corliss Online Financial Mag
    as a tax-advantaged method of saving for future college expenses that is
    authorized by Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code - to begin saving for
    your children's education.



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