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Karen Vitek

Making the Most of Moodle (Single) - 18 views

    "Learn all the components of creating your own online Moodle course! Moodle is an open source online learning management system that allows teachers to create content that can be accessed online by their students. Many educators are using online tools to enhance the learning environment in their classroom. Moodle is a great solution for getting your classes into an online learning environment that you can design and modify. "
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    If you are looking for a Moodle resource check out my new book!
    I think it's unfortunate that you are selling a resource for free/open source educational software. The beauty of Moodle is it's comprehensive online resources in addition to its accesibility for relative novice to advanced users. Making money off the volunteer work of others is not ethical and I fear that continued practices will cause such readily available resources to go commercial.
    I am not selling the software. I am helping K-12 teachers implement its use in the classroom. If you have done as much professional development as I have with K-12 teachers you will know that the resources available online are not adequate for your average classroom teacher. Believe me, the little bit I may make with my book will not encourage Moodle to be a commercial venture. Believe it or not there are other books written on Moodle. Do a search on and you'll find many more Moodle books.
Jeff Johnson

Moodlerooms - Moodle Solutions - K-12 - 0 views

    Moodlerooms is a Moodle Partner providing enterprise level Moodle hosting, training, customization and support.
Cathy Arreguin

Moodle Themes - 25 views

shared by Cathy Arreguin on 15 Apr 10 - Cached
    Fee and easy online Moodle theme creator
Jeff Johnson

ED-451 Technology Tools Assessment: ED-451 Technology Tools Assessment - 0 views

  • This semester I have been tasked to assess eight technology tools that I have utilized in my audio and visual education class. The tools that I will assess are Moodle, Firefox, NiceNet,, Google Suites, Ning, Yahoo 360, and Jing. The last tool that I will be assessing was not required for this class, but I chose to assess it because I only learned of and used this tool while completing a different assignment in this class. Below are my assessments of the eight tools with star ratings out of five.
Professional Learning Board

Getting Started in Moodle - 18 views

    An online course for teachers needing to build their first online class.
Charles Rich

Cloud Hosting - Bitnami - 11 views

    Bitnami offers a lot of useful applications that can be run from the cloud (with a subscription) or on a VirtualBox on your computer for free. I especially like this site because it has virtualized version of Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Moodle and Canvas, and Content Management Systems (CMS) like Drupal and Joomla that you can set up to play with before deciding on which to use.
Judy Robison

CodeBox : Free PDF to Flash Page Flip converter - 10 views

    "This is a free service and Dynamic Page Flip v2 and SWFTools are free and open source"
Justin Reeve

WIKINDX - 14 views

    WIKINDX is a free bibliographic and quotations/notes management and article authoring system designed either for single use (on a variety of operating sytems) or multi-user collaborative use across the internet.
Lisa Johnson, Ph.D.

"Toolbox or Trap? Course Management Systems and Pedagogy" - 0 views

    Perhaps it is because I just spent three days in a vortex of design in Moodle after having lived in the WebCT/Blackboard Vista 4 world for a while that I feel some affinity for this article's premise. Perhaps. Still, the issue of a forced pedagogy in the 'CMS/LMS' is a reality and I wonder... just how do faculty go beyond surviving and reach "thriving" in eLearning who have no web design or learning design "skill"? Well, something to consider.
    Full citation: Lane, L.M. (April-June 2008). Toolbox or trap? Course management systems and pedagogy. EDUCAUSE Quarterly, vol. 31(2). Available from
Fred Delventhal

The Gong Project - The Web Voice Communication Tool - 0 views

    Gong is a free system for voice communication on the Web. It allows groups of people such as students and teachers to participate in discussion groups using their computers, using both synchronous (real-time) and asynchronous chat. It is commonly used by schools and universities for providing a 'voice board' for teaching purposes. There are several different ways you can use Gong. All are free and unlimited
Al Hammel

Innovative Student group management software- - 56 views

Cool idea. I use Moodle and encourage students to use Google Docs. If you could add a twitter function where members can opt in for a twitter update to their phone, you might have something compe...

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