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AJ Tivol

3 Models of Value in the Real Time Web - ReadWriteWeb - 0 views

  • Paul Buchheit, the man who built the first versions of both Gmail and Adsense, says the real time web is going to be the next big thing.
  • But what's the point? What's in it for us, as users? We offer below three models of value that we suspect will be found in the Real Time Web. They are the concepts that underly the vision described above at the top of this post. Those concepts are Ambiance, Automation and Emergence. This is just an initial exploration of ideas, reality will undoubtedly be more complicated shortly. We welcome your participation in thinking about this part of the fast-approaching future of the web.
    The Real Time Web may include instant updates about information, automated notification of changed information, and the emergence of hot topics.
Jeff Johnson

Berio Screen Movies - 0 views

    The advent of Mac OS X Leopard introduced a lot of cool new stuff, including Podcast Producer: a self-contained, automated way to create podcasts of presentations, etc. However, Podcast Producer's screen recording feature is only unleashed when your Leopard is able to authenticated to a Leopard server; hence Berio. Free, unsupported screen recording goodness that's great for creating tutorial movies, demonstration content and illustrative animations.
Jeff Johnson

The coolest bits of classroom tech I've ever seen | Education IT - 0 views

    I met with a representative from Turning Technologies today. While many of you may have had the opportunity to use interactive response systems (so-called "clickers"), we're finally moving into the 21st century; now that we have reasonable computing facilities at all of our schools, our goal is to fully utilize them and add interactivity. Thus, these interactive response systems that allow students to answer questions and take surveys in class with their aggregated responses displayed within a PowerPoint presentation or on a standalone unit. The real beauty of Turning's system is its direct integration with PowerPoint (sorry, no OpenOffice integration, although the software can be superimposed over any Mac or Windows software). It includes a dedicated toolbar and a series of macros for automating the creation of interactive slides.
Jeff Johnson

Getting Started with AppleScript - 0 views

    AppleScript is a scripting language that provides convenient control of applications and of many parts of the Mac OS. AppleScript, which uses an English-like syntax, is a rich, object-oriented language. You can use it to automate simple tasks or implement complex workflows that combine operations from applications and the Mac OS.
Jim Farmer

LOOP Apps, Merge Microsoft Office Documents, Automate Document Creation, Convert to PDF - 0 views

    Combine multiple formats of documents into a pdf.
Lisa M Lane

Google Street View Time Lapse on Flickr - Photo Sharing! - 14 views

    I just manually clicked through the Google Maps Street View for 15 minutes while recording it as a screencast and then sped up the video... just as a proof of concept. A developer could automate the process using the Google Maps API.
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