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Lisa Winebrenner

Internet Archive: Wayback Machine - 0 views

    Apply to be part of the Internet Archive K-12 program, and your school can help to capture and archive today's primary source materials on the Web
Maggie Verster

The Archivist Desktop backups your tweets and give u lovely charts - 7 views

    "The Archivist is a Windows application that helps you archive tweets for later data-mining and analysis. Start a search with The Archivist and get as many results as it can. The, leave The Archivist running and it will poll Twitter for that search. "
Cathy Arreguin

DocsTeach - 27 views

    Ready-to-use tools for teaching with documents in the classroom. More than 3,000 primary sources selected from the National Archives. Created online activities and opportunities to select documents/activities. Many higher level thinking skill-based activities. Some activities include student reporting out via email/etc.  REALLY GREAT SITE!
Cathy Arreguin

Nabble - Free Forum Hosting - 0 views

    Free forums for everyone! Start a free forum on Nabble; embed a free forum on your website; customize a forum to exactly match your website; provide free message board hosting; create free discussion group; archive mailing list; free standard forum like phpBB, vBulletin and SMF.
Jeff Johnson

Brain Boosters offers kids' educational activities online - 0 views

    Browse through our categorized archive of challenging Brain Boosters.
AJ Tivol

3 Models of Value in the Real Time Web - ReadWriteWeb - 0 views

  • Paul Buchheit, the man who built the first versions of both Gmail and Adsense, says the real time web is going to be the next big thing.
  • But what's the point? What's in it for us, as users? We offer below three models of value that we suspect will be found in the Real Time Web. They are the concepts that underly the vision described above at the top of this post. Those concepts are Ambiance, Automation and Emergence. This is just an initial exploration of ideas, reality will undoubtedly be more complicated shortly. We welcome your participation in thinking about this part of the fast-approaching future of the web.
    The Real Time Web may include instant updates about information, automated notification of changed information, and the emergence of hot topics.
Jerry Swiatek | Watch streaming movies online with your iPhone - 0 views

    NonFictionVideos is an online and iPhone ready archive of documentary films populated by the submissions of it's community of users. Our mission is to share the work of documentary film makers, increase awareness of various non-fiction topics, educate the public on various points of view as well as foster discussion and innovation within the community.
Fred Delventhal

Fair Use Evaluator - 19 views

    "What this tool can do for you: * Help you better understand how to determine the "fairness" of a use under the U.S. Copyright Code. * Collect, organize & archive the information you might need to support a fair use evaluation. * Provide you with a time-stamped, PDF document for your records [example], which could prove valuable, should you ever be asked by a copyright holder to provide your fair use evaluation and the data you used to support it. [why is this important?] * Provide access to educational materials, external copyright resources, and contact information for copyright help at local & national levels."
Elizabeth Koh

Sqworl: A Lightbox for Shared Links - ReadWriteWeb - 1 views

  • Using Sqworl to shorten links does two things: first, it helps you organize a series of links under one short URL, and second, it provides a series of site thumbnails - a lightbox of sorts - so recipients can see what they're getting before they click
  • Even if you don't want to share the links with anyone else, Sqworl is worth trying. With some ingenuity, you could make your personal link management or social bookmarking more visual. Using the combination of Sqworl's collections and thumbnails, you may soon be scanning for links based on visual clues - much like the icons on your desktop.
Tami Brass

Wild Apricot Blog : Top 5 Web Tools to Create Your Own Online Quiz - 0 views

    From Patrick Woessner
Jeff Johnson

Why Free Software has poor usability, and how to improve it (Matthew Paul Thomas) - 0 views

    When I wrote the first version of this article six years ago, I called it "Why Free Software usability tends to suck". The best open source applications and operating systems are more usable now than they were then. But this is largely from slow incremental improvements, and low-level competition between projects and distributors. Major problems with the design process itself remain largely unfixed.
Cathy Arreguin

The Common Craft Show - 0 views

    Web 2.0 explanation vidtuts "In Plain English" hosted on
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