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Vahid Masrour

Patti Anklam » The Net Work of Leadership: Create the Space - 2 views

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Wildcat2030 wildcat

The Augmented Social Network - building identity and trust into the next-generation Int... - 7 views

    Could the next generation of online communications strengthen civil society by better connecting people to others with whom they share affinities, so they can more effectively exchange information and self-organize? Could such a system help to revitalize democracy in the 21st century? When networked personal computing was first developed, engineers concentrated on extending creativity among individuals and enhancing collaboration between a few. They did not much consider what social interaction among millions of Internet users would actually entail. It was thought that the Net's technical architecture need not address the issues of "personal identity" and "trust," since those matters tended to take care of themselves.\n\nThis paper proposes the creation of an Augmented Social Network (ASN) that would build identity and trust into the architecture of the Internet, in the public interest, in order to facilitate introductions between people who share affinities or complementary capabilities across social networks. The ASN has three main objectives: 1) To create an Internet-wide system that enables more efficient and effective knowledge sharing between people across institutional, geographic, and social boundaries. 2) To establish a form of persistent online identity that supports the public commons and the values of civil society. 3) To enhance the ability of citizens to form relationships and self-organize around shared interests in communities of practice in order to better engage in the process of democratic governance. In effect, the ASN proposes a form of "online citizenship" for the Information Age.
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Graham Perrin

Mobile Opportunity: A quick history of software platforms: How we got here, and where ... - 1 views

  • where we're going
  • software with APIs that third party developers can write apps on top of
  • grow a tech business more quickly if you get third party developers
  • ...38 more annotations...
  • lessons about where the industry might go
  • Fair warning: this is a long post.
  • In 1969, the Justice Department, ADR, and several others filed antitrust suits
  • IBM agreed to stop bundling free software
  • disaggregation is a natural outcome
  • multiple companies can move faster
  • Although the metaplatform isn't necessarily elegant
  • The OS is dissolving into a soup of resources distributed across both the network and the local device, with the application in the middle calling on both
  • The most effective mobile application are
  • hybrids of local and network resources
  • gradual evolution of a super-OS that includes both the network and the device
  • we don't have a name for this new thing
  • trouble talking about it
  • I'm calling it the "metaplatform"
  • backlog of potential creativity
  • what it lacks in beauty it more than makes up for in rate of change and versatility
  • compatibility
  • what happens if that company goes out of business or just decides to stop maintaining the product?
  • If you've incorporated external web services into your site, the site will break if any of those services stops working
  • We don't have any systematic ways to deal with problems like these
  • a business opportunity for the next crop of software entrepreneurs
  • What the metaplatform means
  • Much of the discussion in this post is pretty theoretical
  • practical implications
  • iPhone today gives (in my opinion) the best overall mobile browsing and app discovery experience
  • APIs that will enable other developers to extend
  • implementation is often off-target
  • trying to make their APIs into the business equivalent of an operating system
  • private ecosystem
  • opening the application outward
  • mixed and matched with other functionality in the metaplatform
  • export data isn’t enough... what springs to mind is open source
  • Lots to think about
  • Clayton Christensen
  • technological advances always lead to value chain fragmentation
  • a framework to predict where most profits will be made
  • HTML5
  • changes that are brewing in the mobile industry
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peter woodford

Brandstation social network platform - 0 views

    Brandstation Social Network Platform, Collaboration and communications tool, Manage your own community, Create a free own social network instantly at
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Graham Perrin

Réseaux sociaux : des audiences différentes selon les continents - Technologi... - 0 views

    Referred from "a nice picture illustrating which social network dominates which country"…
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Joshua Kahn

5 Free Tools to Cure Your Social Network Fatigue and get Your Life Back! | thetalentbuz... - 0 views

    I wrote this article for TalentBuzz. I'd be curious to know what the group thinks about it. What tools have I left out?
    article I wrote on tools to use together and manage your social networks, media and tools
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Browse Jobirn job openings | Insider Referral Network - 0 views

    find job openings by state
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yc c

INTIGRITI - Makes You Better! - 0 views

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Insider Referral Network - Jobirn - 0 views

    get referred to lead company in real time here. 10 times more conversation rates and 50% hidden job been explored.
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Tien Nguyen

PC World - Business Center: Wanted: A Network to Match a Company's Growth - 0 views

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Open-Xchange : How to Guides - 0 views

    How to Setup an Email Server - very useful guide for newbies configuring their network / mail server.

    How to Integrate The Infostore into your desktop with WebDAV: a paper (more specific to Open-Xchange) that highlights a really unique feature of the product: a virtual folder storage base, synced to your OX infostore (web-based), that allows you to save documents on your desktop directly to the server.

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Spiral Funk

How I find stuff I like - Alex Barnett blog - 0 views

  • I "prune" feeds as I go and aim not to increase the number of feeds. If a new feed comes in, one must go that session. My main criteria for deciding which feed will go is the last updated date - if the feed hasn't been updated for weeks, it's a gonner. There's enough natural attrition using this criteria to let 1 or 2 new feeds every couple of weeks.
  • Techmeme - two or three times daily. Tells me what's hot and what's not.
  • My network - once daily. I use this page to find out which links "my network" of human bookmarkers (my people) have bookmarked that use use links as recommended reading. Some of these will point to stuff I've already read in my RSS reader (or is waiting to be read), but it works for me as a quick hit for good reading recommendations.
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • When I visit my network page, the "click through rate" on network-recommended content is very high.
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Spiral Funk

Web Worker Daily » Blog Archive 8 Tips for Better Bookmarking « - 0 views

  • While the for: tag is well known among delicious users (and specifically supported by delicious), some delicious users use the via: tag to track who provided a link. That allows people browsing your links to know who else they might want to add to their network on Ric Hayman of Aqualung proposes that this could form the basis for a reputation economy online.
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