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Little Wonder

Yammer - 0 views

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Todd Suomela blogging - 0 views

    Welcome to on-the-spot live-blogging. Are you a Broadcaster, Publisher, Educator, Corporation, Social Group, Writer, Student, Blogger or Individual? Scribble Live allows you to be an instant publisher, live to your community.
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mazyar hedayat

how to make the most of Twitter - 0 views

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mazyar hedayat

tweeterboard (conversation analytics for twitter) - 0 views

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Maggie Tsai

The Several Habits of Wildly Successful Twitter Users » Slacker Manager - 0 views

  • It’s instant messaging with a group. You post a short message via IM, web or other utility (see below) and other Twitterers who are “following” you will see your message. Some have called Twitter a form of microblogging
  • You can add your friends cell phone numbers by sending an IM to the contact and typing: add CELLNUMBER (where CELLNUMBER is their number)
  • you might only want to get particular types of news pushed at you
  • ...16 more annotations...
  • The search box is your friend, use it. Also, don’t be shy about bouncing around and looking at who’s following who.
  • Habit Two: Put it where you want it In it’s most basic form, Twitter is a webpage with a text box where you can enter a little message.
  • Habit One: Make the right friends
  • f you use Gmail and GoogleTalk, you can add as a contact and get your stuff there.
  • you can add as a contact in whatever IM software you use
  • you can just grab the RSS feed for all the folks that you’re following, or for individual users.
  • Habit Three: Own it
  • If you’re unafraid of spreading yourself around the web, be sure to claim your Twitter page with Technorati and expand your digital empire
  • Habit Four: Address your followers By default, when you send a note via Twitter it goes to everyone that’s following you.
  • Habit Five: Hack it People are doing interesting and innovative stuff with Twitter.
  • Use your skills to take your favorite RSS feed (or spliced feed) and HTTP POST (via API) to create a custom Twitter account that anyone can befriend.(
  • Check out this recent post over at that covers “five ways to use Twitter for good.” I particularly like the ideas of friendsourcing and quick human answers. Also, various mashups of Twitter search results, RSS feeds and jedi tricks with stuff like Yahoo Pipes can result in some very interesting customized info streams. Check out Christopher S. Penn’s post on Twitter Power Tips.
  • Habit Six: Play with it Use the Firefox Search Plugin to post directly to your Twitter account (so cool)
  • Participate in the Twitter fan wiki (tons more tools in there)
  • Twitter “Everywhere, Anywhere Messaging”, Speed-dating…
  • You can add friends via IM, if you know their username by sending an IM to the contact and typing: follow USERNAME
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