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Türklerin İslamiyet'i Kabulü ve Anadolu'ya Yerleşmesi - YouTube - 4 views

    Türklerin İslamiyet'i Kabulü ve Anadolu'ya Yerleşmesi
Suzannah Claire - 0 views

    Similicious is collaboration at it's best - without even trying to be. Come to think of it, it is a LOT like some of the new features here on Diigo. You enter in a url, and it searches Delicious for that URL, notes the tags to the URL, and then searches for other URL's with the same tags. It is really an excellent example of the power of collective knowledge. I have actually found extremely accurate resources this way. For nonprofit types of folks, try entering in URL's like or to find other NP activist sites, to get a good idea. The same concept can be applied to software, philosophy, cat lovers, anything.
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Nilas Jensen

Trailfire - 0 views

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Mark -

Intranet Social Bookmarking: Playing Tag Behind the Firewall - 0 views

  • Taking social bookmarking behind the firewall opens up new uses, including the following: Providing topical resource lists that can be personalized and shared—creating personal "knowledge management" systems through lists of winning sales proposals, best practice deliverables, etc., around specific topics or work efforts; Extending individual profiles to let others know what content an individual considers important; Facilitating discovery of employees with similar interests or facing similar issues; Offering support to online workgroup activity; Measuring popularity of intranet documents through numbers of tags; and Supplementing enterprise search engines through the emergence of new keywords that are meaningful to employees.
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