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Fabien Cadet

2012-03: Profile-guided optimization: how, and what? | Forum thread @ Gentoo Forums - 1 views

    Just a Gentoo user notes on how he does it, i.e. -fprofile-generate=/var/tmp/pgo & -fprofile-use=/var/tmp/pgo compiler flags for CFLAGS & CXXFLAGS.
Dhaval Shah

Website Speed Part 1: Write More Efficient CSS - 16 views

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Joel Bennett

The Performance of Arrays - Chris Burrows - 2 views

  • arrays of reference types are covariant in their element type, but not safely
  • where did that exception come from? It came from the runtime, which was in a unique position to know what the real type of the array object was, and the real type of the element. It needed to determine if the assignment was allowable and throw if not. Now if you think about this for a minute, you can see that it’s going to have to perform that check for every assignment to an array element
  • arrays are covariant only for reference types?
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • So if I want to have an array of reference types, but get the runtime to treat it like an array of value types, what have I got to do? Just wrap the reference type in a value type
  • So I got rid of that check, right? But I added the initialization of a value type. Did I win or lose? Let’s do some timing to figure it out.
  • when I build Debug binaries, the Reference<T> trick makes my example about three times SLOWER.
    Arrays are covariant only for reference types. If you use a struct wrapper to turn a reference type into a value type, the initialization of the value type takes less time than array assignment.
Matteo Spreafico

Ajax View - Microsoft Research - 1 views

  • Ajax View enables developer to see and control the behaviors of their web applications on user's desktops.
Mr. DiGi

Speed Tracer - Google Web Toolkit - 1 views

    Help you identify and fix performance problems in your web applications
Bartłomiej Małysz

Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site from YAHOO! - 0 views

    Absolute must know for webdevelopers. Nice tricks how to boost Your's website and it's provided from YAHOO! Good, very good.
Denis Gobo

SQL Server Precision And Scale Problems - 0 views

    SQL Server Precision And Scale Problems
Joel Bennett

NTrace 1.0 (Beta) - Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) for C# Developers - 0 views

    NTrace is based on ETW(Event Tracing For Windows) which is a kernel-level tracing service which has several benefits over the tracing provided in .NET... Most importantly, it can be turned on and off without restarting the application, but it also has features like built-in high performance circular logging (a circular log is one that never grows above a specified size by flushing out older trace messages), and the ability for you to capture the logs from multiple sources into a single trace session.
    Might be C# only, because of the build step
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