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Joel Bennett

Mozilla Labs » Announcing the Jetpack SDK - 4 views

    • The Jetpack SDK includes:

      • An extensible library of capabilities and APIs for writing Firefox add-ons, as well as stand-alone web-based applications
      • A set of command-line tools that package and security-harden your code into distributable packages
      • A modern IDE with built-in reference guide for instant productivity
    • An easy to use, well documented set of APIs that lets you write Firefox add-ons using standard Web technology (Javascript, HTML5, and CSS).
    • An integrated IDE that enables rapid add-on developement and code collaboration.
    • Add-ons developed with the Jetpack SDK will feature:

      • No need to restart Firefox to install add-ons.
      • Add-ons are automatically compatible with all future versions of Firefox updates, so no need to wait for add-on compatability.
      • Stronger and more easily understood security and privacy controls.
      • Automatic add-on updates.
    An easy to use, well documented set of APIs that lets you write Firefox add-ons using standard Web technology (Javascript, HTML5, and CSS).
Joel Bennett

atomojo - Google Code - 0 views

    Includes the Atomojo Firefox Extension -- a plugin that contains an XPCOM component for interacting with the Atom Publishing Protocol (APP).
Joel Bennett

YSlow for Firebug - 0 views

    A Firefox plugin which integrates with Firebug and shows you what's slowing down your web page loading.
Joel Bennett

Zotero - A Web-Generation Research Tool - 0 views

    Impressive Firefox extension helps you collect bibliographic & research information from sites like Amazon, Library websites, Journal sites, etc.  The ultimate bibliography building tool: you no longer need to copy all this out of books or off web pages ... Zotero can export/import BibTeX, RIS, Refer/BibIX, RDF, MODS, etc. and can even create APA, MLA, or Chicago style citations pages for import (as RTF) into your favorite rich text editor!
    Imports bibliography data from an astonishing list of sites ( ) via RDF and microformats ( ).  It uses the mozStorage API (backed by a SQLite database), and it's all open source ( ).
Joel Bennett

FireBug - - 0 views

  • All of the tools you need to poke, prod, and monitor your JavaScript, CSS, HTML and Ajax are brought together into one seamless experience, including a debugger, error console, command line, and a variety of fun inspectors.
    Firebug combines some of the features of the DOM Inspector and Javascript debugger and adds features like XmlHttpRequest tracing, source charts, etc.
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