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Fabien Cadet

Parsing Html The Cthulhu Way @ Coding Horror (Jeff Atwood) - 1 views

    « Among programmers of any experience, it is generally regarded as A Bad Ideatm to attempt to parse HTML with regular expressions. How bad of an idea? It apparently drove one Stack Overflow user to the brink of madness [...] »
Joel Bennett

.NET 4.0 - System.Shell.CommandLine Parsing (Part 1) - B# .Net Blog - 0 views

    .Net finally gets built-in command-line parsing in 4.0 -- and it matches PowerShell's command-line syntax power!
Joel Bennett

Mono.Options, now a Mono 2.2 Feature - Miguel de Icaza - 0 views

    quote: "Mono.Options is a beautiful command line parsing library. It is small, succinct, a joy to use, easy and powerful, all in one." ... well, I don't know about that, but it's simple enough :)
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