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Mandeep Bajar

Reminder: Parse Data Migration to ShepHertz App42 - 0 views

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started by Mandeep Bajar on 30 Jan 17
  • Mandeep Bajar

    Last year, when Parse—the BaaS platform—unfortunately shutdown we at ShepHertz App42 were the first to launch the data migration tool for all its developers, who were searching for Parse alternatives, to be able to quickly export their data should they need to move on as soon as possible. Though Parse did announce the open Parse server to host app data for a year . . . that too, is scheduled to end on January 30th.

    ShepHertz App42 isn’t just another Parse Replacement.

    Although this Parse vs ShepHertz App42 comparison table has been used in this post—and this as well—still this stands as strong today as it was a year ago, if not stronger.

    In the past year we have seen quite a few updates—including the release of features like Facebook Remarketing, Predictive Analytics, Geofencing & AB Testing in Push Notifications—both mobile and web and the anticipated launch of App42 API Gateway—a comprehensive API Management solution that securely exposes your protected resources as APIs. With our strong hold in thousands of indie developers in more than 150 countries and large enterprises across all major business verticals, it should not come as surprise when I tell you that look no further, if you are wondering which one to go with amongst top backend-as-a-service providers, and migrate to ShepHertz App42 today.

    The process is completely painless and should not take much time. Simply one needs to export the data from Parse, sign up with App42 and upload the file there. As soon as the upload is complete, you could continue the work on your app as you would have on Parse, except there would be a whole lot of new and cool things you could implement and your app more engaging and fun. App42 covers almost all the platforms and the rich documentation will help you with all the methods and modules you would need to get on with the development.

    Should you need us to address to any query related to data migration, please feel free to shoot an email at and we would be happy to assist.

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