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jdr santos

Smartwin++ - An Open Source C++ GUI and SOAP Library - 4 views

    "An Open Source C++ GUI library."
    Required backend developer now drop your cv here
Fabien Cadet

F11-Pingouins.jpg : Linux, free beer pingoos - 2 views

    Quoting : « "Free software" is a matter of liberty, not price. To understand the concept, you should think of "free" as in "free speech," not as in "free beer." »
Fabien Cadet

Twitter to open source Hadoop-like tool - Cloud Computing News, 2011-08-04 by Stacey Hi... - 2 views

    « Attention webscale aficionados, Twitter says it is planning to open source Storm, its Hadoop-like real-time data processing tool. In a blog post Thursday, the microblogging network said it plans to release the Storm code on Sept. 19 at the Strange Loop event in St. Louis, Mo. »
Daniel Gregoire

Selenium web application testing system - 3 views

    "automate web app testing across many platforms. "

    Fascinating new open source tool
    Test suite for web testing, multiple programming language interface, Firefox add-on with macro recording
David Corking

Mobile Wiki Server for iPhone - Welcome - 0 views

  •    April 26th 2009 1.3.5 Pending Approval
    • David Corking
      Does this mean "pending approval by Apple for the app store"?
    I can't see the point of having a wiki web server in your pocket but that is probably my failing. Maybe it is handy as a private notebook you can also share informally. This is the first finished Squeak application for the iPhone.
David Corking

Dr. Dobb's Update : Editor's Note What's One More Operating System, More or Less? - 0 views

  • In this regard, SymbianOS may have a leg up on Apple's App Store and even Nokia's Ovi Store, in that the "Symbian Application Inventory" will be free for developers. That's what you call "incentive," but is it enough?
    • David Corking
      Before it attracts app developers, it has to attract hardware integrators. There is plenty of hardware out there, but isn't this selling in far lower volumes than Linux or the proprietary smartphone OSes.
      As far as I can tell, it has attention from the biggest smartphone integrator of them all: Nokia, who, as far as I can tell, uses it in the best selling N95 family. This ratchets up the competion with Apple and RIM another notch.
    This Symbian system (aka Psion and Nokia S60) was well loved for its well though out personal organizer or PIM applications. Now, smartphone users seems more interested in e-mail, music and games. I am interested to see if Symbian OS still has a profitable niche. Symbian is a market leader in the new market.
David Corking

Jonathan Schwartz's Blog: Sun's Network Innovations (3 of 4) - 0 views

  • this datacenter systems market is more than $150b annually.

    And in this datacenter market we build exceptional systems

  • storage, from our new flash based platforms to eco-efficient tape and archive solutions.
  • more than just naked components, they're engineered with remote management and monitoring, component redundancy, integrated virtualization, and on board storage and networking. That's why our margins are higher than the industry's
  • ...7 more annotations...
  • we now build our entire line of storage systems from general purpose server parts, including Solaris and ZFS, our open source file system.
    • David Corking
      So, can anyone build a Sun storage device, or are Sun's "general purpose server parts" better (with better management and redundancy ...) ?
  • using a general purpose OS allows us to easily embrace specialized components (from flash memory to GPU's)
  • why am I paying you a million dollars?" I responded, "You can absolutely run it for free. You just can't call me on Christmas day, you'll be on your own." He gave me the PO.
    • David Corking
      Schwartz gives the strong impression of an IT company _without_ its hand in your pocket. It is a similar attitude and reputation, though with proprietary software, rather than services (for free software), that seems to have made Microsoft so wealthy in the late eighties and nineties.
  • Solaris OEM agreements with IBM, Dell, Intel, Fujitsu and HP are so important to our end customers - they know they'll never be locked in.
  • These open source platforms generate, alongside the services attached to them, over a billion dollars a year, making Sun by far and away the world's largest open source software company.
    • David Corking
      Hundreds of millions of dollars a year from open source Java alone!
  • Fighting free and open software, like fighting free news or free search, is like fighting gravity - and btw, gravity gets a lot stronger during economic downturns.
    • David Corking
  • There is a robust, well-designed open source PBX Server called SipX that is primarily backed by Nortel (due to their acquisition of the creators, Pingtel).
    Making money - billions of dollars of it - with open specification hardware and open source software
David Corking

Pragmatic Smalltalk (slides) | Feb 2009 | David Chisnall - 0 views

    Interesting clippings from the slides:

    "What can we do with it?
    * Write applications. Melodie uses lots of Smalltalk, first
    pure-Smalltalk app committed to svn in January.
    * Write scripts. Corner activation and gesture app uses
    Smalltalk for scripting.
    * Modify existing apps...

    "We can inspect classes in a code browser, see method
    names, and write replacements in any running application.
    In a perfect Free Software system, any user can make any
    changes. "
    My comment above might imply that Smalltalk is not modern. The truth is far from it, as Smalltalk is still pushing the boundaries of technology and user interfaces, from Croquet and Qwaq, to Alice, Sophie, Scratch and Etoys.
    (I fixed Friday's broken link to the PDF.) From what I read so far, this seems to be another attempt at a fully introspecitve integrated and customisable personal computer with a graphical desktop. In other words, it is Dynabook Smalltalk and Lisp workstations all over again, but quite likely with some interesting modern twists.
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