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Joel Bennett

Homebrew - MacPorts driving you to drink? Try Homebrew! - 6 views

    The missing package manager for OS X
Fabien Cadet

Why LD_LIBRARY_PATH is bad, by David Barr (2001) - 2 views

  • This list is prepended to the existing list of compiled-in loader paths for a given executable, and any system default loader paths.
  • For security reasons, LD_LIBRARY_PATH is ignored at runtime for executables that have their setuid or setgid bit set. This severely limits the usefulness of LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
  • SunOS 4.x uses major and minor revision numbers. If you have a library “Xt”, then it's named something like “” (Major version 4, minor 10). If you update the library (to correct a bug, for example), you would install and applications would automatically use the new version.
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • Linux, SunOS 5.x and most other SYSV variants use only major revision numbers. A library “Xt” is just named something like “”.
  • Linux confuses things by generally using major/minor library file names, but always include a symlink that is the actual library path referenced. So, for example, a library “” is actually a symlink to “”.
  • The linker/loader actually looks for “”.
  • run-time vs link-time paths
  • There's also LD_RUN_PATH which is an environment variable which acts to “ld” just like specifying -R.
David Corking

Jonathan Schwartz's Blog: Sun's Network Innovations (3 of 4) - 0 views

  • this datacenter systems market is more than $150b annually. And in this datacenter market we build exceptional systems
  • storage, from our new flash based platforms to eco-efficient tape and archive solutions.
  • more than just naked components, they're engineered with remote management and monitoring, component redundancy, integrated virtualization, and on board storage and networking. That's why our margins are higher than the industry's
  • ...7 more annotations...
  • we now build our entire line of storage systems from general purpose server parts, including Solaris and ZFS, our open source file system.
    • David Corking
      So, can anyone build a Sun storage device, or are Sun's "general purpose server parts" better (with better management and redundancy ...) ?
  • using a general purpose OS allows us to easily embrace specialized components (from flash memory to GPU's)
  • Solaris OEM agreements with IBM, Dell, Intel, Fujitsu and HP are so important to our end customers - they know they'll never be locked in.
  • why am I paying you a million dollars?" I responded, "You can absolutely run it for free. You just can't call me on Christmas day, you'll be on your own." He gave me the PO.
    • David Corking
      Schwartz gives the strong impression of an IT company _without_ its hand in your pocket. It is a similar attitude and reputation, though with proprietary software, rather than services (for free software), that seems to have made Microsoft so wealthy in the late eighties and nineties.
  • These open source platforms generate, alongside the services attached to them, over a billion dollars a year, making Sun by far and away the world's largest open source software company.
    • David Corking
      Hundreds of millions of dollars a year from open source Java alone!
  • Fighting free and open software, like fighting free news or free search, is like fighting gravity - and btw, gravity gets a lot stronger during economic downturns.
    • David Corking
  • There is a robust, well-designed open source PBX Server called SipX that is primarily backed by Nortel (due to their acquisition of the creators, Pingtel).
    Making money - billions of dollars of it - with open specification hardware and open source software
Joel Bennett

SSLBridge - Open Source Linux VPN software - Samba Browser - 0 views

    Runs on top of Samba (and active directory) allowing users to remotely access file shares etc via the web.
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