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Carolyn Kraut

Smithsonian Oral and Video Histories: Steve Jobs - 0 views

  • I've helped with more computers in more schools than anybody else in the world and I absolutely convinced that is by no means the most important thing. The most important thing is a person. A person who incites your curiosity and feeds your curiosity; and machines cannot do that in the same way that people can. The elements of discovery are all around you. You don't need a computer.
  • Computers are very reactive but they're not proactive; they are not agents
  • What children need is something more proactive. They need a guide. They don't need an assistant
    Steve Jobs on the importance of education and the computer's role.
Carolyn Kraut

How To Record Skype Calls on Your iPhone or iPad - 0 views

    Using Skype for student/teacher conferences? You can record those sessions on your iPhone/iPad!
Carolyn Kraut

If you were on Twitter | Dangerously Irrelevant | Big Think - 2 views

  • Twitter is the back fence you share with your neighbors. Except your neighbors are people all over the world
Matthew Mieure

The Social Layer - 0 views

An interesting video discussing the "Social Layer" and video games:

Tech Education

started by Matthew Mieure on 27 May 11 no follow-up yet

How to Browse the Web Using Tabs - Lifehacker - 2 views

  • open multiple pages in one window
  • new window
  • can clutter up your desktop quickly
  • ...7 more annotations...
  • Tabs are a way to open up multiple web pages at one time in the same window
  • you want to make sure you fact-check your statement. You want to open Wikipedia, but you can't do so without leaving Facebook, or opening a cluttered new window. Not to fret, that's what tabs are for.
  • File menu and click "New Tab"
  • No extra windows, no interrupted work
  • You can open as many tabs as you want at one time, and switch between them easily, making web browsing a whole lot more convenient.
  • just hit Ctrl+T. (If you're on a Mac, hit Command+T instead.
  • Click on the link with your right mouse button and choose the "Open Link in New Tab"
    Excellent explanation of how tabbed browsing can increase productivity...or at least making your browser windows more managable.
    I like opening tabs by clicking the scroll wheel on the mouse. Uber efficient
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