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50+ Perfect Heading fonts for Designers - 0 views

    Heading is an important part of any writing whatever you write, if you write article heading is must or any other content such as flyer, brochure, web content, magazine etc heading is very necessary part of writing, And also heading is encourage viewer to read complete paragraph which is written under heading, sometime heading is not good written or not in good heading fonts viewer just ignore complete writing just because of heading.
Michael Porterfield

Art Project, powered by Google - 7 views

shared by Michael Porterfield on 02 Feb 11 - No Cached
    What is the 'Art Project'? A unique collaboration with some of the world's most acclaimed art museums to enable people to discover and view more than a thousand artworks online in extraordinary detail. Explore museums with Street View technology: virtually move around the museum's galleries, selecting works of art that interest you, navigate though interactive floor plans and learn more about the museum and you explore. Artwork View: discover featured artworks at high resolution and use the custom viewer to zoom into paintings. Expanding the info panel allows you to read more about an artwork, find more works by that artist and watch related YouTube videos. Create your own collection: the 'Create an Artwork Collection' feature allows you to save specific views of any of the 1000+ artworks and build your own personalised collection. Comments can be added to each painting and the whole collection can then be shared with friends and family.
Dianne Beever

Monoslideshow - The ultra customizable Flash® image and video viewer for your... - 0 views

    Add a slide show to your webpage - looks fresh

10 Video Animation Tips for Your Next Corporate Marketing Video - 0 views

    Your company has produced the perfect marketing video, complete with awesome special effects and compelling animation. But your next step is to upload it to YouTube or Vimeo or other sharing sites, where millions of viewers can see it.
Geoffrey Smith

ViewPure - Videos without clutter - 1 views

    I frequently use in my classroom is ViewPure. ViewPure allows you to display YouTube videos without displaying the "related videos" and advertisements that appear next to each video. There are two ways that you can use ViewPure. You can copy the url of your chosen YouTube video and paste it into ViewPure where it will then strip away everything but the video. The other option is to install the ViewPure bookmarklet and click anytime you're viewing a YouTube video.
li li

"Pretty Boy" entire left eye swollen - 0 views

Compared to April 6 in first professional fight world soccer shop , Zou Shiminh this competition was really close to boxing, and he always forward, close to the enemy, punching fast wind, while the...

started by li li on 06 Aug 13 no follow-up yet
Luis Rojas Alves

VidEntice Review - Making Money Has Never Been Easier! - 0 views

    VidEntice is a video marketing tool that allows users to insert calls to action buttons into the video without any barrier. Then the tool will automatically redirect the audience to the landing page you have set before.

Buy YouTube Accounts - Best Social Service Provider - 0 views

    Why Your Company Should Own a YouTube Account? As a business owner, you are aware of how crucial marketing is to the success of your enterprise. You are also aware that one of the most effective marketing strategies now in use is social media. So why not promote your company on YouTube? With over 1 billion subscribers, YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google. That implies that YouTube has a sizable potential customer base for your company. Buy YouTube Accounts How to Get a YouTube Account? A few things should be taken into account before buying a YouTube account for your company. Choosing a personal or business account is the first step. A business account would be more appropriate if you intend to use YouTube for marketing purposes. You will then have access to features like personalized branding, sophisticated analytics, and business-specific tools. Price is another factor to take into account. The number of subscribers, the caliber of the content, and the quantity of views are some of the variables that will impact the cost of a YouTube account. Choose a less expensive account if you are on a tight budget. However, remember that the standard the account is more significant than the cost. How to Create a YouTube Account? You must create a YouTube account for your company in order to begin using YouTube marketing. This account, which is made exclusively for your business, will be distinct from any personal YouTube accounts you might have. How to create a YouTube account: -Click "Create an Account" on the YouTube website. Your name, email address, password, and birthdate must all be entered. -Press "Next." -Type in your phone number and choose your nation. -Press "Next." -Choose if you want to sign up for Google promotional mailings. Then click "I Agree." -Input the code for verification that was texted to your phone number. Choose "Verify." You've now created an account on YouTube. You can start with your Yo

Buy Instagram Comments - 100% Real & Active | Custom/Random - 0 views

    Buy Instagram Comments Introduction With over one billion monthly users, Instagram is the second most widely used social media platform and has grown to be a potent tool for both individuals and businesses. It makes sense that people would be prepared to pay for Instagram comments given the platform's enormous user base. While there are some justifiable justifications for purchasing Instagram comments, such as boosting a new account or enhancing business awareness, there are also some risks. Your reputation may be harmed by comments that appear to be false or come from dormant accounts. Why would We want to purchase Instagram comments? For a variety of reasons, purchasing Instagram comments might be advantageous for your company. One benefit is that it can help you become more visible on the platform. Your posts are more likely to receive likes and follows if there are more comments on them, which can help you reach more people with your business. Buy Instagram Comments Also, buying comments can help your posts rank higher in the Instagram algorithm, increasing the likelihood that users will notice your material as they scroll through their feed. More interaction is likely to result in more sales and customers if you can increase the number of individuals who see your content. All the information you need to buy Instagram comments? You might have thought about purchasing comments if you're one of the many people out there trying to improve your Instagram game. Comments can boost interaction and give the impression that your content are more well-liked. Here is all the information you require regarding purchasing Instagram comments. Let's look at the advantages first. Comments can broaden the audience for and raise the profile of your content. More natural likes and comments may follow if you have a lot of remarks. This may increase your follower count and engagement rate. The idea of purchasing Instagram remarks? Instagram is one of the most widely used s

Buy Twitter Followers - 100% Real & Safe | Guaranteed - 0 views

    Buy Twitter Followers Introduction With millions of members worldwide, Twitter has emerged as one of the most well-liked social networking sites on the web. As a result, a lot of companies and people are seeking for strategies to boost their Twitter presence and attract more followers. Purchasing Twitter followers is one method for doing this. It can be tempting to sign up for one of the services offered by the many companies, especially if you're looking to fast increase your Twitter following. Why You Should seriously consider buying Twitter Followers: One of the most widely used social networking sites on the internet is Twitter. With more than 336 million active users each month, it's a terrific location to network with potential clients and expand your business. If you haven't already, you should give Twitter for business some serious thought. Advantages of purchasing Twitter followers? Twitter is one of the most well-known social networking sites, with more than 320 million users. Twitter is used by a lot of people and businesses to interact with potential clients or followers. Some people spend money on Twitter followers in an effort to appear more influential or popular. The practice of buying Twitter followers has several benefits. Buy Twitter Followers Possessing more popularity, which might draw more natural followers, is one benefit of purchasing Twitter followers. Also, purchasing followers may help your tweets have a wider audience, which may result in more people viewing your content. The Benefits of Purchasing Twitter Following? There are several justifications for why somebody could decide to purchase Twitter followers. The following are some advantages of doing so: Pros: You may instantly expand your Twitter presence by buying Twitter followers. It might be a reasonably affordable strategy to grow your Twitter following. It can aid in increasing your Twitter social proof and authority. Buy Twitter FollowersHow to Purchase Following o
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