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ways to use edublogs - 0 views

    ways to use edublogs

Blogging - Creating an Edublogs Account - TeacherTube - 0 views

    This movie will guide you through the process of setting up a edublog
José María Pérez - 0 views

    Edublog colectivo sobre e-learning y enseñanza aprendizaje en general.
Hanna Wiszniewska

edublogs: John Cleese on time, place and flow of creativity - 0 views

    John Cleese provides a ten-minute insight into what many of us know already, but fail to acknowledge: 1. We do not know where we get our ideas from (but we do know we don't get them from our laptops). 2. Sleeping on an idea can help make its reappearance later so much better. 3. Ticking things off and keeping all the balls in the air means you will not have any creative ideas. 4. In our frenzied connected world we need to make some time to make some mood for creativity: a tortoise cocoon from which we can check it's safe to come out into a self-created oasis in our lives. 5. We need to set aside time and place where interruptions are not allowed - we need to create boundaries of space with a starting time and a finish time, separate from ordinary life, and only then creating a space and place where we can play. 6. The problem with some teachers is that they may not know that they are not very creative, and therefore they may not value creativity even if they can recognise it. 7. If those in charge are egotistical and wish to claim credit for the work of others, then they shall directly or indirectly discourage others from being creative.
dolors reig

(Clones) Redes sociales o comunidades (institucionales, educativas), de códig... - 0 views

    Comunidades de alumnos de determinado curso, comunidades profesionales para distintos fines, redes institucionales o corporativas que persigan distintos objetivos. Tenéis opciones open source para cualquier necesidad en la creación de redes.
Donna Baumbach

How to Survive in 2010 - Digitally - 0 views

    Great ideas for anytime of the year! | Ozge Karaoglu's Blog
Clint Hamada

Teacher Challenge - 21 views

  • Connecting teachers through free professional learning
    Another fine list of Web 2.0 tools complete with free professional development.
Colleen Broderick

Personal Learning Networks (PLN) | Technology for Teachers - 0 views

    Strategies for building a PLN
Kre Rad

The Best Sources For Ideas On How To Use Technology With English Language Lea... - 0 views

    Icludes a list of blogger's and other author's resources on Learning technologies and Web2
Barbara Lindsey

Philosophy | Intrepid Teacher - 4 views

  • The 21st century classroom must be a place to network, to create, to publish, to share.
  • The new classroom does not integrate technology into an outdated curriculum, but rather infuses technology into the daily performance of classroom life.
  • In this new classroom, the teacher is not the sole expert or the only source of information, but rather the teacher is the lead member of a network—guiding and facilitating as students search for answers to questions they have carefully generated.
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • Daily and total access to computers allows students to realize that technology is not something they “do” when they go to the lab or when the teacher has checked out the laptop cart, but rather technology is something they can use everyday in class to help themselves learn.
  • It is important to note that some students may be quietly sitting in the corner engrossed in an old fashioned text.
  • In this new classroom, students will begin to understand that their computer is not simply a novelty to take notes with, but it is their binder, their planner, their dictionary, their journal, their photo album, their music archive, their address book.
  • tudents will begin to understand that their computer is not simply a novel
    Outstanding teaching philosophy that gets at the heart of how and why technology should be used in learning.
Barbara Lindsey

always learning - 0 views

  • For me, conferences are no longer primarily about learning, at least not in the traditional sense of attending lectures, doing activities and taking notes.
  • What I realized is that I often get better information through my RSS reader and Twitter than I do via more traditional, formalized educational experiences like a conference. While I learned something new from every session I attended, there were a few sessions where I was glad to be able to sit within range of the wifi and go through my reader, finding exactly what I needed at that moment. This wasn’t because the presentations were lacking, it’s just that I’m starting to realize that there’s a limit to what I can gain from a pre-constructed session, devised for a broad audience, about something that might only be indirectly related to my learning needs.
    Great 21st century teaching blog with super slideshows to download
Clif Mims

A List of Possible Classroom Social Networks - 0 views

    These are web applications that let you create private (or public, though for educational uses I'm primarily interested in ones that allow you to create "walled gardens") networks to share blog posts, images, videos, websites, and chatboard conversations.
Clif Mims

Reflections on A Year of Change - 0 views

    The year began with high expectations for teacher learning, student learning, and personal growth. Some hopes have been fulfilled beyond my expectations, others have either been proven to be mistakes or are still in their developmental stages. Now, as I look back on the year that was, I will be better able to see the places I want to go in the next year and beyond. -- Randy Rogers
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