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Tony Rodgers - 0 views

    3D programming environment - free. Like Scratch.
    3D programming environment - free. Like Scratch.
Cheska Lorena

Zooburst - 0 views

    ZooBurst is a digital storytelling tool that is designed to let anyone easily create their own customized 3D pop-up books.
Barbara Lindsey

Visualize your GPS tracks with Breadcrumbs | Google Earth Blog - 19 views

  • Our users can log their ski trip, hiking trip or sightseeing trip, upload it to Breadcrumbs with their photos and videos, and send it to all their friends, who can relive the adventure in 3D. And this is only the start, as we plan to provide our users with a platform to not only edit and maintain tracks, but also to find new places to explore and interact within a social network.
  • Breadcrumbs is the first web application of its kind, where users can manage GPS tracks, photos and videos in one place - it can be thought of as 'Flickr for GPS tracks'.
  • The key features of Breadcrumbs include:Relive your adventure: Breadcrumbs brings together photos, videos and GPS tracks in one quick and easy process and our 3D playback function brings the track alive. Edit and manage: Breadcrumbs comes with a suite of tools which let users edit and manage their GPS tracks, photos and videos. These include:- Automated geotagging of photos.- Track editing tool to correct GPS points.- Add information to your adventure to help tell the story, such as show where you ate your lunch or spotted some wildlife.- Organize: Breadcrumbs offers a rich set of tools to help users to manage adventures.- Share: Breadcrumbs makes it easy to share adventures, with options including a public page for each track and direct integration with Facebook.
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  • Our utilization and heavy integration with the Google Earth plugin is also a big bonus for the user. Garmin allows you to look at your data in Google Maps and indeed Google Earth. However, Breadcrumbs builds on this as we have built a track playback feature on top of the plugin which allows you to hit play and replay your trip step by step. It's like watching a movie of your day out! This really does bring the users' GPS data to life especially when sharing with friends and family.
  • We are already integrated with one smartphone application allowing the user to push their tracks directly to Breadcrumbs from their phone.
Angela Christopher

EarthSwoop - Stonehenge in 3D - 1 views

    "EarthSwoop was created to allow people to quickly view interesting 3D sights around the world in a web browser. Not only that, but EarthSwoop makes it simple to create your own collections and share them with your friends."

People v. Williams, 97 Cal. App. 3d 382 - Cal: Court of Appeal, 2nd Appellate Dist., 5t... - 0 views

  • hey assert that a conspiracy terminates when the primary object of the conspiracy is complete
  • . Further, as discussed immediately below, it misconstrues the notion of the "primary object" of a conspiracy.
  • (3) We agree with defendants that for purposes of the statute of limitations, a conspiracy terminates upon the completion of its primary object; acts committed subsequent to such completion cannot be deemed overt acts in the furtherance of the conspiracy. (People v. Zamora (1976) 18 Cal.3d 538, 554, fn. 12, 560 [134 Cal. Rptr. 784, 557 P.2d 75]
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  • use it erroneously equates "primary object of a conspiracy" with the subjective ultimate goals of the conspirators. On the contrary, a close reading of Zamora makes clear that the term "primary object" has a somewhat technical rather than ordinary meaning; it refers to the substantive offense which the conspirators agree to commit. (Ibid.)
  • Thus, in order to determine when the three conspiracies terminated, the court looked to the time when the substantive offense underlying each conspiracy was completed. (Id., at p. 554, fn. 12.) The court found that the central object of the conspiracy to commit grand theft was the 390*390 obtaining of insurance proceeds under false pretenses; hence, such conspiracy terminated upon the receipt of the last payment. (Id., at pp. 555, 560.)
  • In Williams v. Superior Court, supra, 81 Cal. App.3d at pages 344, 345, the companion case to the one currently before us, we held that concealment is a continuing crime if the facts demonstrate a continuing pattern of purposeful concealment.
  • are
  • A reading of People v. Gilbert (1938) 26 Cal. App.2d 1, 25-26 [78 P.2d 770], convinces us that this contention lacks merit. In that case, immunity was granted to two of the persons who had allegedly participated in three conspiracies. The remaining defendants argued that the persons granted immunity could not be counted as coconspirators for purposes of determining whether a conspiracy had been committed. (8) The
    • io_cicero
      Dylina 1983 STump if he is a conspriator or not does not depend on others for conspriing  a state action was involved...he participated in that actoin, and the signature of order to conceal further the conspiracy. What is the object of the conspriacy to deplete all of the money to pay in full every premium to complete the insurance contract TO COMPLETE THE INSURANCE CONTRACT PAY FOR EVERY PREMIUM until the maturity date, and now the death. that locks in the owner of the policy.
  • As in Gilbert, the grant of immunity to Ms. Hoover is not inconsistent with her culpability as a coconspirator. Her acts in furtherance of the conspiracy may therefore be considered in establishing the culpability of her fellow coconspirators. (See, also, People v. Hadden (1947) 79 Cal. App.2d 635 [180 P.2d 3
My Kingdom Books

Augmented reality and storytelling: My Kingdom Books - 0 views

    My Kingdom Books designs, publishes, and delivers children's story books which combine traditional print with modern-day technology such as augmented reality, 3D animation, and personalisation.
My Kingdom Books

Personalised 3D Animated Fairytale Story Book | My Kingdom Books - 0 views

    My Kingdom Book is the perfect birthday gift or Christmas present. The book on it's own is a great keepsake for newborns and the App is ideal for children aged between 2 - 8 years old.

Web 2.0 teaching tools to enhance education and learning - Edjudo - 0 views

    A comprehensive list of the best web 2.0 tools and links, sorted via category, for teaching and learning with technology. tools for 3D projects, tags, photo editing, online storage, animations, blogging and lots more
Clif Mims

Aniboom - 15 views

    Animation virtual studio. "A virtual animation studio partnering with animators from around the world to create, high quality 3d, 2d and flash cartoon animations. Aniboom cultivates animated content by leveraging the web providing online animation opportunities such as animated competitions and free online animation software."
Dennis OConnor

Skype and Kinect could be Microsoft's new killer combo - GeekWire - 12 views

  • Microsoft’s blockbuster agreement to acquire Skype is all but assured now, with multiple reports citing a purchase price of $8.5 billion,
  • The skepticism is warranted. Microsoft has had a rough time with big acquisitions in the past, and Skype will be seen by many in the industry as tying its fortunes to an over-the-hill technology giant that has struggled in consumer markets.
  • But many of the people trying to wrap their heads around the deal are missing an important point — the more than 10 million Microsoft cameras connected to television screens in homes around the world.
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  • That’s how many Xbox 360 Kinect sensors have been sold in six months.
  • Whether or not all of this justifies the $8+ billion price tag isn’t clear. Google and Facebook were reportedly discussing $3 billion to $4 billion at one point in their talks with Skype, which suggests that Microsoft was willing to pay a premium to keep those competitors at bay.
    A few years from now when the 'Holo Deck" is real and brought to you via the Cloud by our buddies in Redmond, will we remember it all started with Kinect & Skype?    if games drive virtual presence toward a 3d experience... I'll take the ride and try to figure out how to use it in teaching and learning. 
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