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Jorge De La Garza

VoiceThreads Integration participation help... - 50 views

Voicethread moodle

started by Jorge De La Garza on 18 Nov 08
  • Jorge De La Garza

    Lead: Looking for Educators to participate in Voicethread site on Wednesday evening.

    I'm currently a grad student at the University of Houston Clear Lake working on my Master of Instructional Technology.

    I'm working on a unit integrating Video into online learning environments. I was wondering if anyone was interested posting a voicethread video or audio comment on a video on the topic or how they have used Voicethread before.

    I want to show the social abilities now capable online.

    I'm currently the only one in my class using this type of interaction.

    Hope to learn more from everyone!!!
    Please contact me, I'll be posting the Voicethread Information to my blog Wednesday and integrating it to my moodle course.

    - Jorge

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