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Brian Jones

Top 5 Fridays - 0 views

    the top 5 blog posts, resources and videos I stumbled upon this week…

Top 15 megachurches in the world - 0 views

    If you think huge building capacity, large church attendance, and membership when you hear the term megachurch, you are absolutely right
Phim cách nhiệt ô tô AKauto

Top Địa Chỉ Dán Phim Cách Nhiệt Tại Cao Bằng: Lựa Chọn Tốt Nhất - 1 views

Tận hưởng không gian lái xe thoải mái và an toàn với top địa chỉ dán phim cách nhiệt tại Cao Bằng. Khám phá ngay để bảo vệ chiếc xe của bạn khỏi tác động của tia UV và tạo nên một trải nghiệm lái x...

#akauto #phim_cach_nhiet_cao_bang #dan_phim_cach_nhiet_cao_bang #dai_ly_phim_cach_nhiet_cao_bang #phim_cach_nhiet #dan_phim_cach_nhiet #dia_diem_phim_cach_nhiet_cao_bang #danphimcachnhietcaobang

started by Phim cách nhiệt ô tô AKauto on 19 Jan 24 no follow-up yet
asim0081 | Top Quotes, Messages, Facebook Status, and Whatsapp Status Pi... - 0 views

    Christmas is coming then any person want Christmas Lights that too be rechargeable then you can buy with discount from: | Top Quotes, Messages, Facebook Status, and Whatsapp Status Pictures For All Festivals

Mega churches of world - 0 views

    In this list, we swept through all 7 continents to bring you.

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Brian Jones

Top Posts April 2013 - 0 views

    14,000 people from came in one day to view this post I did on why I believe in Hell
Joe La Fleur

Van Jones: Conservatives Will Kill Children for Jobs | Vision to America - 0 views

    Lets remember, Van Jones is an admitted Communist. Throw grandma off the cliff? Democrat hyperboyle is over the top! How stupid would one need to be to fall for this crap? Actually it is the Democrats who not only want to kill children but have killed millions through their practice of Abortion. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Think before you speak!

Using Chronological Teaching * EffectiveEvangelism - 0 views

  • start with Creation when you teach the Gospel, and present God's story chronologically from Creation to Christ. This is proving to be one of the most exciting and productive soul-winning and discipleship methods available
  • Unfortunately, most people only hear bits and pieces of the Bible, and never really understand how it all goes together. No wonder so many are confused about what the Bible and the Gospel is about and what it all means. They have simply never had the whole story clearly explained from the beginning, in correct order.
  • We are told that evangelists who show the Jesus film have found greater success when they first show the God's Story video.
  • ...7 more annotations...
  • It has been the difference between night and day for New Tribes Mission.
  • Here on ChristianAnswers.Net, The HOPE has proven to be the most effective evangelism video we have ever used (and we have used just about all of them). We are showing it on-line.
  • If you are serious about reaching out to those who don't have a clear understanding of the Bible and salvation, we highly recommend chronological Bible story telling and these wonderful resources.
  • Resources you can use A great new book entitled The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus
  • You don't have to be a gifted orator to sit down with a neighbor and read through a book together, and that's the beauty of this resource.
  • The HOPE can purchased on DVD, and may be viewed in its entirety, free on-line. (80-minutes)   The HOPE can be shown in segments. See on-line list of suggested segments.
  • God’s Story uses artist’s illustrations of biblical events to share the gospel, from Creation to eternity. It is available for purchase on DVD or VCD and is already available in a plethora of languages.
Judith Bell

The Center for Higher Independence Honors Students with Disabilities at January Ceremony - 0 views

    The Center for Higher Independence, a division of Providence Place in San Antonio, TX continues to flourish. They will recognize the top students participating in the program, as they do every month, in an effort to show appreciation for the hard-working young men and women seeking an independent lifestyle as young adults.

When Addiction Hits Your Family: Top 3 Ways to Fight Back | buzitnow - 0 views

    When addiction invades a family, it doesn't politely knock on the front door and ask to come in. It comes in like a bat out of hell with a bloody vengeance. Addiction's sole mission is to destroy relationships, health, finances, hopes, dreams, and sanity… but it doesn't stop there. In its quest for pain and destruction, addiction goes after anyone who stands in its way. This includes the addict and the family. The families are left in the wake of addiction feeling hopeless, powerless and broken. They have had addiction consume most areas of their lives (if not all) and are paying the price of addiction even though they are not addicts themselves. Though the family can't ultimately stop the addict from self-destruction, there are some things they can do to regain their footing and start taking their power back from addiction.

Top bible verses - Most Popular Bible Verses - 0 views

    Read today's Bible Verse of the day, be encouraged, and sign up to receive the daily Bible verse by email! Also find verses by topic and popular Scripture

Make disciples with the film "The Hope" - in many languages - 0 views

  • The Hope The Story of God’s Promise for All People a powerful chronological overview of God’s redemptive story from Genesis to Revelation
  • Available in these languages (more coming)
  • They all wanted something that: had the production quality to reach even the most media sophisticated cultures, was about an hour was sensitive to the culture in which they were ministering, and told the whole story, creation through Christ.
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • There are four major sections comprised of 12 chapters and 36 biblical events. Four discussions can be built around the four sections. At a deeper level, a 12 unit Sunday school program or Bible study can be built around the 12 chapters. Finally, at a more detailed level, 36 classes could be built around the 36 biblical events.
  • Show The HOPE in a single showing or in sections (over a period of days, weeks or months), or both SECTION ONE - 15:09 min. Introduction - 3:11 The Universal Question - Is There a Purpose? The Voice - Recorded for All Time in a Book Chapter 1 - In the Beginning - 4:51 The Story Begins with God - His Attributes Creation - A Reflection of Gods Power & Nature Chapter 2 - The Choice - 3:07 The Tree of Life and The Tree of Knowledge The Rebellion of Satan and The Creation of Hell
funeral adelaide

Top Funeral Service in Adelaide - 1 views

Sensible Funerals handled the funeral of my late grandmother. It was really difficult for me and my family to say goodbye. That is why we wanted to give her the best funeral service though our fam...

Funeral Adelaide

started by funeral adelaide on 18 Oct 11 no follow-up yet
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