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Does Someone Need To Attend Church To Be Spiritual? - 0 views

    The church plays a vital part in most Christians' life, and it gives a good feeling in mind and body when visiting the churches. It is an undeniable factor that churches aids in enhancing the spiritual levels of the people.
Joe La Fleur

The 140-character fatwa - Atlas Shrugs - 0 views

alexis sullivan

One Last Chance - Associated Content - 0 views

    This is a religious short story written by Alexis Sullivan. In this story a prostitute attends church and receives Christ.
J. B.

The Christian Divorce Rate Myth (what you've heard is wrong) - (BP) - 0 views

  • Professor Bradley Wright, a sociologist at the University of Connecticut, explains from his analysis of people who identify as Christians but rarely attend church, that 60 percent of these have been divorced. Of those who attend church regularly, 38 percent have been divorced [1].
    Debunking the myth that Christian divorce rates are the about the same as non-Christian.
IN Too

LIFE in the Kingdom of God « Reflections in the WORD - 0 views

    Righteousness gives birth to worship, NOT vice-versa. We don't accomplish worship by deciding to perform a ritual, whether that is fasting or attending church, or anything else. Rather, our relationship with Jesus gives birth to our worship.
IN Too

The Heart « Reflections in the WORD - 0 views

    The heart must be the principal point to which we attend in all the relations between God and our souls.
IN Too

Whose Ambassador are You? « Reflections in the WORD - 0 views

    Believers must never allow the affairs of earth to distract us from our purpose here, which is attending to the interests and affairs of God as they pertain to this world.

Reverend Francis J. Peffley - 0 views

    Father Francis J. Peffley was born March 16, 1963 in Norristown, Pennsylvania to William and Mary Peffley, who met in the Legion of Mary. He joined the Legion of Mary at the age of ten along with his sisters, Edel and Natia. He graduated from Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia with a Bachelor of Arts in Theology. Father Peffley attended Mount Saint Mary's Seminary in Emmitsburg, Maryland where he received his priestly formation and his Master of Divinity and Master of Arts Degrees

Top 15 megachurches in the world - 0 views

    If you think huge building capacity, large church attendance, and membership when you hear the term megachurch, you are absolutely right

A to Z - Evangelistic Ideas | - 0 views

  • Airports
  • Set up a table with books and evangelistic literature in a prominent place. This can be a great attention getter and conversation starter.
  • Pray for a good idea to gain access, and then go knocking on doors. Within a short time you can build trust and ultimately lead the people to Jesus.
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  • Contact a local Christian rehab centre, get to know people addicted to drugs and tell them the good news that Jesus sets free. If they are open for it, pray for their deliverance.
  • Try to see them regularly, earn their trust and lead them to Jesus. Keep the friendship alive and be a role model.
  • Groups of young people
  • Gospel concerts are generally very popular and accepted within the wider society.
  • Alternatively, you could just give away evangelistic literature and pray for the patients from ward to ward.
  • In forums, chat rooms, social networks and blogs, let the people know what you think.
  • Show the "JESUS Film" publicly and invite people to come to the screening. You can also lend the film out to people and then meet with them later to talk about it.
  • K-Mart, post office, petrol station etc.Use the brief opportunities you get throughout the day to tell somebody about Jesus or give them an evangelistic booklet.
  • Lend a hand
  • New-Age scene
  • If you introduce them to Jesus, they will realize that he is what they have been looking for. Attend New Age fairs and other events to share the Gospel with these hungry people.
  • Why not contact a home and offer a short programme for special occasions? Afterward you can offer them an opportunity to receive Christ.
  • write articles, offer coupons for Bibles or evangelistic literature,
  • Public transportation presents a great opportunity to talk to people. Take evangelistic literature with you the next time you ride the bus or tram. They are great conversation starters.
  • Use questionnaires to break the ice with strangers you meet.
  • By getting permission from their pimp and giving them roses, you share the love of God and the Gospel with these women and pray with them.
  • Distribute visually-appealing evangelistic literature and use it as a conversation starter.
  • Book tables, prayer and discussion groups, Christian student organizations, talks and events
  • Healing on the streets: Go to the sick and offer them prayer ("Can we pray for you? “).
  • In wintertime you can take along tea or coffee for them, which they will greatly appreciate.
  • Take God's love and compassion to prostitutes and talk to them about God's plan for their lives
  • Plan activities that are tailored to one specific target group. These should incorporate their language and fit their environment. Be creative and think carefully about how you can specifically and effectively reach individual target groups.
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