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Michelle Krill

Think before you post - Ad Council commercial | 10 Advertising and Marketing Journal - 2 views

    "PSA campaign educates teenage girls about potential dangers of sharing and posting personal information online. "

Straight from the DOE: Dispelling Myths About Blocked Sites | MindShift - 1 views

  • Cator parsed the rules of the Childrens Internet Protection Act, and provided guidance for teachers on how to proceed when it comes to interpreting the rules.
  • Accessing YouTube is not violating CIPA rules
    • anonymous
      But, I really CAN understand if a district doesn't have the bandwidth to support it being open to all on every computer. But why not in the library, at least?
  • Websites don’t have to be blocked for teachers
    • anonymous
      This one dirves me NUTS!! Even in the SUMMER some tech folks won't open up the filter and just block the porn.
  • ...8 more annotations...
  • Schools will not lose E-rate funding by unblocking appropriate sites.
    • anonymous
      Then, if this is the case, ANY filtering beyond the Porn sites should be considered Censorship, IMHO
  • Teachers should be trusted.
    • anonymous
      Can I hear ANOTHER Amen?
  • See the excerpt below from the National Education Technology Plan, approved by officials who dictate E-rate rules.
  • Kids need to be taught how to be responsible digital citizens
  • Broad filters are not helpful
    • anonymous
  • [We need to] address the topic at school or home in the form of education,” Cator says. “How do we educate this generation of young people to be safe online, to be secure online, to protect their personal information, to understand privacy, and how that all plays out when they’re in an online space?”
    • Michelle Eichelberger
      Exactly!! I wish I could get this through to our district and make this a priority!
  • We also want students to be nice to each other, and not to engage in bullying, in an online space where their voice is amplified and persistent. We want students to grow up to be good digital citizen.
    • Michelle Eichelberger
      We need to be proactive in this, not always cleaning up the "mess" once cyberbullying has taken place.
  • requires providing professional development for adults working with these students.
    • Michelle Eichelberger
      This is so necessary.
    "To clear up some of the confusion around these comments and assertions, I went straight to the top: the Department of Education's Director of Education Technology, Karen Cator. Cator parsed the rules of the Childrens Internet Protection Act, and provided guidance for teachers on how to proceed when it comes to interpreting the rules. To that end, here are six surprising rules that educators, administrators, parents and students might not know about website filtering in schools."
Michelle Krill

ConnectSafely - Home - 0 views

    ConnectSafely is for parents, teens, educators, advocates - everyone engaged in and interested in the impact of the social Web. The user-driven, all-media, multi-platform phase of the Web has begun, we all have much to learn about it, and this is the central space - linked to from social networks across the Web - for learning about safety on Web 2.0 together. Our forum is also designed to give teens and parents a voice in the public discussion about youth online safety begun back in the '90s. In addition, the site has tips for teens and parents, as well as other resources for safe blogging and social networking.
Darcy Goshorn

DPS Web Site Block/Unblock Rubric - 0 views

    Very well designed rubric for website block/unblock requests for a school district.
    will be stealing this for our web filter review committee
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