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Sharing Universe - 2 views

    Very cool diagram and great way to illustrate different connection styles
myweb 2learn

cck12 - myweb2learn on Diigo - 4 views

    My collection of connectivism links of our curriculum and beyond.

The contributor beyond the classroom - Education Review - 1 views

    Australian research confirms teacher knowledge re parent participation influencing student outcomes
azim hasmani

Behavioral Job Interviewing Strategies - 3 views

    I came across this interesting article and thought I would share!
Joseph Shatsky

Twitter, Facebook, MySpace cry foul on Google+ search - 0 views

    Engineers from Twitter, Facebook and MySpace have created an open-source plug-in that they hope proves their worst fears about Google's decision to fold its social results into search - that Google is moving away from its mission to be a neutral directory of the Internet.
Chris Morand

Coaches Learning Network - Home Page - 3 views

    Not an educational resource for many of you unless you coach football but this is a network that I belong to. I use this to stay connected to a bunch of other football coaches. We upload articles , meet online chant and discuss many different football topics.
Joseph Shatsky

Apple's new vision of education - 3 views

    January 21, 2012 06:52 AM ET Computerworld - On Thursday, Apple made it clear that one of the next industries it hopes to disrupt and reinvent is education. It's an arena the company has a long history of working with: schools have been one of Apple's biggest market since the days of the Apple II.
    Thanks for posting this link. I can't wait to learn more about this topic. E-books are amazing! And once Apple lends its talents to this arena, you just know wonderful things are going to happen. I know there are pros and cons to e-books. But the accessibility, portability, lower cost and functionality of e-books are very positive factors.

External material: eLearnSpace - 10 views

Hi all, I found the folloiwng paper on-line: Connectivism: A Learning Theory for the Digital Age

Siemens Connectivism 'Learning Theory'

started by ce_bclark on 23 Jan 12 no follow-up yet
azim hasmani

Introduction - 4 views

Hello, My name is Azim Hasmani. I am a Ismaili Muslim, born in Tanzania East Africa. By trade I am a master electrician, an electrical safety codes officer and a member of the Alberta Fire Safety A...

started by azim hasmani on 21 Jan 12 no follow-up yet
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