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Susan Shonle

Make Your Own Ant Farm | - 1 views

    • Susan Shonle
      Extensions: Connect Life Science with LA - Write predictions and observations in an Ant Observation Journal.

      Adaptations: ESL & Special Ed Students can draw pictures in their journal to show their knowledge.  A movie on the topic could be provided to extend knowledge after journals are complete to assess accuracy of predictions.  Gifted students can predict what the ants will need for their habitat/survival.
    Make Your Own Ant Farm: - Life Science
    After completion of ant farm, spend days or weeks observing these amazing insects.

    Supplies: Small glass bowl or jar, glass fishbowl, sand, loose soil, sugar, water, 20 ants (from the same colony), rubber band, cheesecloth, black construction paper, bread crumbs, masking tape, and spiral notebook.
    K-3 could do this project, but require more research, writing, or drawings of the project about habitat, colony structure, body-parts and function, etc.
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