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Luciano Ferrer

Tip Jars: The 5 Best WordPress Donation Plugins That Work | Elegant Themes Blog - 1 views

    "Give Seamless Donations Smart Donations Total Donations PayPal Donations Not every WordPress site has products to sell. Although many can turn their blogs into a revenue stream by offering goods and services somewhere in the mix, there are various reasons you might not be in a position to do so. For example, you may not be running a commercial business. You could be managing a non-profit organization or have no current goods or services to monetize. Many designers, writers, and voluntary groups find themselves in this situation and need to explore alternative sources of income. Donations are one of the most common ways to do just that, and they can sometimes even be more effective than ads or sponsored posts. If your readers are ready to put their hands in their pockets, you just need to provide the means. In this article, we've gathered together five of the best WordPress donation plugins to help you make that process simple. Why Use a Tip Jar? At first you might have some reservations about placing a donation button on your website. Some might feel it's in poor taste - as if you're begging your readers for help. Others doubt that it'll work, thinking readers will automatically ignore it. But the truth is that a tip jar is a great way to garner support for your WordPress site. It can provide supplemental income if you're a freelance designer or developer, and the amount brought in over the course of a month or year can offset hosting costs for your website. Furthermore, with the growing use of ad blockers, donations can be more effective than traditional online revenue streams. For startups and non-profit groups, donations are a vital means of funding campaigns. Other sites may choose to use tip jar
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