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Mendapatkan uang melalui facebook | Update dan Informasi Terbaru - 0 views

    bagi-bagi on facebook Sebuah terobosan baru dalam aplikasi Facebook yang belum ada selama ini. Dengan bermodalkan ide kreatif tercipta sebuah aplikasi dimana sang pengguna (user) dapat menjawab beberapa pertanyaan yang diajukan dan mendapatkan imbalan uang.
Madhav Tripathi

5 Simple Steps To Get Noticed On Microblogging Sites Twitter, Friendfeed, etc.. - 0 views

    I know most of you have your profiles from long time on microblogging sites like twitter, Friendfeed, Identica, Plurk but what's the problem you have no followers only following, only you are fan and in more detail the problem with you, you do not have a good readership blog, peoples do not know you.
my mashable

Facebook Clones Friendfeed's "Like" Feature - 0 views

    Facebook seems to get more similar to FriendFeed every day. The latest, the addition of an "I like this" link on News Feed items, is one of the more significant challenges to the lifestreaming service yet, as it essentially duplicates a major component of what makes FriendFeed tick - a simple, one-click display of indicating your liking of a specific item in a stream of activities and a view of all of the other people that have also liked it.
J. D. Ebberly

The BlogCatalog Community Blog » Blog Archive » 7 Quick Tips for Branding ... - 0 views

    I've only been Social Networking for a little over a month and I have learned so much in that short amount of time. I am certainly no expert in Social Networking as I have a whole lot to learn. But, I do know a thing or two about marketing. When it comes to brand recognition, the rules don't change when shifting from Corporate Branding to Social Network Branding. Name and Icon recognition are critical when it comes to building your Social Network. Here are a few quick tips to help you quickly gain name recognition in the Social Network Arena.
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