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cheating spouses

Book Of Answers About Cheating - 2 views

When I read a book entitled The Handbook of Cheating. I came to realize that some of the stories and relationship problems I heard which lead to cheating were really true. Money is one factor. Then...

relationship problems

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IN Too

LIFE in the Kingdom of God « Reflections in the WORD - 0 views

    Righteousness gives birth to worship, NOT vice-versa. We don't accomplish worship by deciding to perform a ritual, whether that is fasting or attending church, or anything else. Rather, our relationship with Jesus gives birth to our worship.
Cody Lorance

The Dreaded DTR - 1 views

    Have you ever had to "define the relationship"? Ah, yes, the dreaded DTR. No one likes it, but let's face it, sometimes you just gotta do it. I invite you to read about my experience and then share your own.
IN Too

To The Uttermost « Reflections in the WORD - 0 views

    The same God that formed us in our mothers' wombs desires a personal relationship with us. While we are in human corruptible flesh we are only able to have access to Him through an incorruptible, sinless representative. Jesus is the one and only High Priest who fits that description.
IN Too

The Forgiveness of a Father « Reflections in the WORD - 0 views

    During that week before I had confessed to my dad that I had indeed lied to him, he did not throw me out of his house; he didn't disown me or write me out of his will! I was STILL his child, but our fellowship was broken.
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