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5 Online Tools For Activists, By Activists - 0 views

    Describers 5 great tools for activists that have been created by other activists. They are pretty good tools and a few of them particularly speak to concerns about online identity and ensuring that friends are actually friends.

Crabgrass - 0 views

    Crabgrass is a software libre web application designed for social networking, group collaboration and network organizing. Our goal is to create communication tools that are tailored specifically to meet the needs of bottom up grassroots organizing.
anonymous - 0 views

  • is a non-profit organization dedicated to identifying, connecting, and supporting grassroots digital activists from around the world.

Multi-Party Climate Change Committee - 0 views

    Details of the committee as well as details of the proposed carbon price mechanism.

Sky News: Brown outlines Greens agenda for 2011 - 0 views

  • push for a free tertiary education for 'every young Australian'
  • The party also wants some of the expected $7 billion in revenue from the tax to be quarantined in a sovereign wealth fund to safeguard a low-carbon future.
  • high-speed rail link between the nation's biggest cities and better light rail in major urban centres.
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  • take a lead in a global effort to divert some of the more than $1 trillion annual weapons budget, so that every child on earth had access to food, clean water and schooling
  • ontinue to back the minority Labor government in the lower house of parliament
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